Mixed Reality Startup Magic Leap gets reinforcement from Microsoft

The fact that the start-up Magic Leap from the hope of the mixed reality industry to a problem child is nothing new to most readers who have been engaged with the topic.

Magic Leap has brought everything that made the hearts of investors beat faster with its unique demo videos and promising financing rounds. But then there were problems and irritations. The consumer entertainment business areas could not be properly developed. Now CEO and co-founder Rony Abovitz is leaving, leaving the role of CEO to Peggy Johnson, a former Microsoft manager, who is now supposed to navigate the faltering company that had to lay off hundreds of employees during the Corona pandemic. Her strategy: Moving away from the personal computing and entertainment market and a stronger focus on business customers. The design and focus alone of the website now shows the potential of Magic Leap technology for industry and business as the primary focus.

Spatial Computing for Enterprise with Magic Leap 1 (Source: Magic Leap)


Magic Leap thus draws the same conclusions as Google already did with its Google Glasses. The consumer market was not yet ready for the Smart Glasses, but there is potential for Mixed Reality in the industry and B2B market.

Peggy Johnson was Executive Vice President of Business Development at Microsoft and head of the M12 venture capital fund. Johnson sees great potential for the future in the Mixed Reality company and compares the current state of the MR market with the early phase of mobile phones and cloud computing.

The mixed reality industry is facing many challenges and Magic Lee’s new management team is facing strong competition from the likes of Apple, Google and Microsoft, but they want to conquer the market with their new headset, which will exceed the features of the already impressive first model. The pandemic, in particular, has paved the way for the expansion of reality, as technologies such as augmented reality, mixed reality and virtual reality have been increasingly used in times of greater distance and remote working. What Peggy Johnson will do with Magic Leap remains uncertain at first, but the near future will show whether she can raise it back up to the role model of the industry.


Post picture: Magic Leap

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