Skills am Arbeitsplatz der Zukunft

Skills for the future of work

The future of work is here. Automation and Digitisation are creating new occupations. However, these skills can also be used to score points in the future.

LEGO Serious Play – playfully shaping the future

With LEGO Serious Play, workshops and meetings can unleash a whole new kind of creativity, promote innovation and unleash potential in the company.
6-3-5 Methode

Innovation methods: 6-3-5 method

A very popular innovation method is the so-called 6-3-5 method. With this method it is possible to create up to 108 ideas.
Digital Leadership in der Digitalen Transformation

Digital Leadership – How Managers Drive Business Through Digital Transformation

In times of digital transformation, Digital Leadership is becoming increasingly important. Management must adapt to the new challenges.
Innovationsmethoden: Brainwriting

Innovation methods: Brainwriting

In order to come up with new and innovative ideas, you sometimes have to break new ground. One innovation method is brainwriting.