The End of the German Angst

On the 11th of September I will speak at the BRAINWASH XV from 19 o'clock in the Backstage Munich on the topic "The end of the German Angst"!
Digitale Transformation

Digital Transformation – It Does Not Work Without the Employees

With the advancing technological change, companies have to pick up their employees early and sensitize them for the change.
Daimler und Uber

Daimler, BMW and Uber – A collaboration in autonomous driving

The future of mobility belongs to autonomous driving. Daimler, BMW and Uber are collaborating to advance this technology.
Jobs der Zukunft

Professions of the future – which jobs will await us in 2030 (Part 2)

The working world of the future will be a completely different one. In the second part, it will be more personal than technology in 2030.

Professions of the future – which jobs will come in 2030? (Part 1)

Which occupational fields will it need in the future and what does the labour market look like in 2030? A look at jobs of the world of tomorrow.