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The Future on Four Wheels: IAA MOBILITY 2023 and the Automotive Revolution

Tomorrow, the gates of IAA MOBILITY 2023 will swing open in Munich, unveiling a tantalizing glimpse into the near and distant future of automotive design and technology. And what a future it promises to be! Imagine strolling down the aisles, with every booth unfolding a story of innovation, vision, and electrification.

Innovation explained: Worldcoin

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman launched Worldcoin, a cryptocurrency project that gifts people crypto tokens (WLD) simply for being unique individuals. Through issuing crypto tokens in exchange for biometric data, Worldcoin aims to function as a global universal basic income and also provide an authentication system to distinguish humans from robots.

Innovation explained: Reinforcement Learning

In the world of artificial intelligence, groundbreaking advancements are constantly expanding our capabilities to solve problems and tackle complex tasks. One such fascinating development is called "reinforcement learning," an approach that enables machines to learn autonomously and select optimal actions in a constantly changing environment.

The Future of Work: Remote or In-Office?

There's no doubt that Elon Musk and Google are two of the most influential names in the tech industry. So, when these giants call their employees back to the office, it's worth taking a closer look.

Innovation explained: Google PaLM 2

The technology world is in constant flux, and Google is no stranger to innovation. Let's take a close look at one of their latest developments: the PaLM 2, Google's new large-scale language model deployed in Gmail, Docs and other popular Google services.

Technology Trends in the Food Industry: Change Begins at the Plate

The food industry is a dynamic sector that is constantly growing and adapting to the changing needs of consumers and the environment. In this article, we want to present the main technological developments that are revolutionizing the industry while having a lasting impact on our diet and lifestyle.

3 Technology trends for the year 2023

The new year has begun, and in 2023 we can once again expect a lot of new developments and innovations. Here are three trends that are likely to keep us busy in the coming months.

Hybrid Work – Opportunity or Challenge in the World of Work 4.0?

2020 was the year that things changed in the world of work. One trend that has come to stay is hybrid work. But what is behind it and what challenges does it bring? A look at the world of work 4.0...
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