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Company Watch: Advanced Micro Devices – an innovative chip for space

The Versal SoCs system from AMD is designed to enable satellites to better process data and generate new insights using AI.

Remote working from Portugal – Portugal announces the conditions for the “Digital Nomad Visa”.

The dream of decentralized working; Portugal is now making this a reality for many employees and the self-employed, offering a one-year "digital nomad visa" for anyone earning at least $2,750 per month.

Innovation erklärt: Dezentralisierte autonome Organisationen (DAOs)

The Web3 is hailed as the decentralized future of the Internet. But in addition to the blockchain, NFTs and tokens, decentralized autonomous organizations, or DAOs for short, are an important building block of this next generation of the web. But what is behind them?

100% Remote Work at Airbnb – a boost for the platform’s employer brand

Remote work as the work model of the future? Airbnb announces the end of office hours, getting more than 800,000 clicks on their careers page.

An exclusive look inside the space hotel set to open in 2025

Space tourism is a topic that many companies are currently addressing. According to the plans of the space company Orbital Assembly, the first hotel with a view of the solar system is to be realized as early as 2025 and will offer amenities such as a basketball court, including zero gravity, restaurants and a business park.

The future of telemedicine – doctor holoports to the ISS

NASA has teleported medical doctor Dr. Schmid and others to the ISS as holograms to talk to the crew. A breakthrough in both holoportation and telemedicine.

New study – Microsoft looks at work trends after Corona

How has the pandemic changed the way we work, and what trends are here to stay? A new study from Microsoft with the encouraging title "Great Expectations: Making Hybrid Work Work" takes a closer look at the changes.

I asked an AI about tech trends in 2022

This year my prediction for 2022 trends is a little different. This time I asked the artificial intelligence of Open-AI for their opinion and some trend predictions for the new year surprised me...
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