Zukunft der IT

The future of IT – 81% of experts expect data center automation

Cloud computing and artificial intelligence will fundamentally change IT infrastructures. A look at the future of data centers and IT forces.
Megatrends MIT

MIT shows the megatrends up to 2030

MIT has published a list of the most important megatrends that will fundamentally shape our world in the next decade to come.
Weltraumtechnologie und Innovationsmanagement

How space technology shapes our innovation landscape

Space employs many companies. But what is the state of space technology and what can we learn for our innovation landscape?
Megatrend Neo-Ökologie

Traces of change – Megatrend Neo-ecology

Consumers are developing an increasing sense of environmental protection and responsibility. The megatrend neo-ecology meets these values.
Taktiles Internet

Innovation explained: Tactile Internet

In the future, communication is to take place in real time. This is the promise made by the so-called tactile Internet. A look at the opportunities.