Caper AI Einkaufswagen

Caper – the shopping cart with artificial intelligence

Trade is in a state of constant change. The Startup Caper brings a unique innovation to the market with its AI-controlled shopping cart.
Augmented Reality und Virtual Reality Retail

Applications for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in retail

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are gaining momentum. In retail in particular, these technologies can represent a quantum leap for the customer experience.

Innovations in Retail – the first book by Alexander Pinker

Retailers are increasingly facing new challenges. The book Innovations in Retail gives retailers tips on how to design digitisation.
Blockchain revolutioniert den Handel

Blockchain revolutionizes the retail industry

For many branches of industry, the blockchain technology represents a revolutionary change - and so does the retail industry. Many classic retail processes can be optimized with the help of this innovative technology. An insight into the possibilities...
Innovation erklärt: Digital Integration

Innovation explained: Digital Integration

Mobile technologies are part of our daily lives. Smartphones, tablets and the like have not only found their way into our living rooms, but also to workstations and shops. With the advent of mobile...