Tag: Mixed Reality

Ghostbusters in Augmented Reality – become a ghost hunter yourself

With this Augmented Reality application from Sony Japan, you can enter the world of the Ghostbusters and hunt ghosts and demons.

HoloLens 2 and Azure AI – real-time translation into Mixed Reality

At this year's Microsoft Inspire Event, Microsoft demonstrated the capabilities of Azure AI and HoloLens in real-time translation.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality – The terms you need to...

New technologies are often confusing at first. You should know these terms when it comes to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality!

Construction Site 4.0 – TU Munich researches on Augmented Reality for...

Digitalization does not stop at any area. The construction site is also becoming increasingly modern, networked and efficient as a result of emerging technologies....

Samsung creates Next-Generation Curved Gear VR Headset

A new patent application from Samsung at the US Patent Office shows the future plans of the company in the Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality area.