OVR opens a virtual art gallery for NFTs

OVR.ai announced today the opening of a virtual gallery for NFT artists. Here artists can present their works in the digital space.

Innovation explained: NFTs

Currently, it's hard to get past them in the tech press: the NFTs. From niche marketplaces to celebrities to the world-famous auction house Christie's, they've all jumped on the NFT bandwagon. But what does that mean exactly?

Koda’s robot dog recognizes the emotions of its owner

Koda's robot dog can use artificial intelligence to detect whether its owner is happy or sad and react accordingly.

The city of Olsztyn in Poland is testing the Blockchain deployment for its emergency...

The Polish city of Olsztyn is planning to use the Blockchain technology for police, fire and rescue services.
CBDC Thailand

Bank of Thailand develops a Central Bank Digital Currency

In the last few months it has become somewhat quiet around the Blockchain. But this week the Bank of Thailand announced that they are working on a central bank digital currency.