Samsung brings NFTs to the TV

In 2022, Samsung will launch the first NFT TV - all including a marketplace and optimized display of digital artwork.

NFTs go to the stock exchange – Defiance launches NFT-ETF

NFT is an absolute trend topic at the moment. In order to give other investors access to digital collectibles, the first NFT ETF is now being launched.
Play-to-Earn im Gaming

Play-to-Earn – NFT and Blockchain as the Future of Gaming.

The play-to-earn principle could represent the future of gaming. Using NFT technology and blockchain, a new way of making money digitally is being created.

Crypo-mining while parking – Daymak’s new electric car starts a revolution in the auto...

Daymak's crypto-mining electric car could bring a revolution to the automotive and blockchain industry in 2023.

Innovation explained: Helium network for IoT applications

The Internet of Things will greatly change our everyday lives with its breakthrough. An important building block could be the Helium network. It is decentralized blockchain network for IoT devices.