The city of Olsztyn in Poland is testing the Blockchain deployment for its emergency...

The Polish city of Olsztyn is planning to use the Blockchain technology for police, fire and rescue services.
CBDC Thailand

Bank of Thailand develops a Central Bank Digital Currency

In the last few months it has become somewhat quiet around the Blockchain. But this week the Bank of Thailand announced that they are working on a central bank digital currency.
Nike CryptoKicker

CryptoKick – how Nike wants to bring the Blockchain into the running shoe

With the CryptoKicker, Nike presents a patent, that combines their running shoes with the Blockchain to combine digital and physical assets.
Gartner Trends 2020

Gartner’s Top 10 strategic technology trends 2020

What does our future look like? This year, Gartner has again forecast the ten most important trends for the new year and beyond.
Verizon setzt auf Blockchain SIM

Verizon bets on blockchain SIM cards

According to its latest patent, technology giant Verizon is relying on a new type of virtual SIM card based on blockchain technology.