Zukunft der Arbeit von Facebook

Facebook shows their vision of virtual work using AR and VR

In a new demo video, Facebook shows how they can imagine the future of work using augmented reality and virtual reality in the office.
Google Lens

Google Lens simplifies virtual work

In the future, Google Lens should not only help to identify everyday objects, but also make us more productive in our virtual work.
AR App Wonderscope

Wonderscope – Fantastic Augmented Reality stories for children

With the Augmented Reality app Wonderscope, the tablet becomes the gateway to unique fairy tales. Children can learn and play immersively.
Google Chrome WebXR

Google Chrome 81 brings Augmented Reality to the browser

To make augmented reality and virtual reality more tangible, Chrome 81 brings immersive media directly into the Internet browser via WebXR.
Mojo Vision

Mojo Vision develops smart contact lenses for augmented reality

The smart contact lenses of the Silicon Valley start-up Mojo Vision are designed to enable augmented reality without glasses or headset.