AUDI relies on virtual planning for the AUDI e-tron GT

AUDI relies on virtual planning using virtual reality and 3D scans to save costs and resources in production and logistics.

Google’s augmented reality search brings Baby Yoda into your home

Google is bringing Grogu, better known as Baby Yoda, to your home through their search engine with a new Mobile AR model.

Vodafone and Nreal bring mixed reality glasses to Europe

Nreal wants to conquer the Augmented Reality market in Europe through a strategic partnership with Vodafone.

5 of the 100 most important innovations in 2020

TIME has again this year selected the TOP-100 Inventions. Take a look at five innovations on the list here!

Augmented Reality is experiencing an upswing in COVID-19 dominated retail

Augmented Reality for retail is experiencing an upswing during the Corona Pandemic and offers retailers unique opportunities.