Smart City

Smart Cities – 5 technologies that will shape our cities

More and more cities are presenting their plans for a Smart City approach. They will not be able to avoid these five technologies when planning their cities.
Facebook Spar AR im Tate Museum

Augmented Reality at the Tate Museum – Facebook Spark AR brings art to life

In cooperation with Facebooks Spark AR, the Tate Museum in London brings her art to life digitally thanks to Augmented Reality.
Microsoft HoloLens Demo - Inspire 2019

HoloLens 2 and Azure AI – real-time translation into Mixed Reality

At this year's Microsoft Inspire Event, Microsoft demonstrated the capabilities of Azure AI and HoloLens in real-time translation.
Marketing Technologien

Technology trends in marketing

Technologies such as Virtual Reality, Edge Computing and AI are changing our companies and are not stopping at marketing.
MagicLeap acquires Mimesys

MagicLeap and Mimesys Revolutionize Meetings

AR company MagicLeap acquired the Belgian startup Mimesys to bring holograms through MagicLeap One into the conference rooms.