AUDI relies on virtual planning for the AUDI e-tron GT

AUDI relies on virtual planning using virtual reality and 3D scans to save costs and resources in production and logistics.

5 of the 100 most important innovations in 2020

TIME has again this year selected the TOP-100 Inventions. Take a look at five innovations on the list here!

Digital recruiting using virtual reality

In digital recruiting, virtual reality offers unique opportunities to give applicants a look behind the scenes!
Facebook Oculus Infinite Office

Facebook Oculus Infinite Office is the virtual reality office for home

At this year's Facebook Connect, Facebook unveiled its new Oculus feature "Infinite Office", through which Facebook wants to offer virtual office space to people in the home office.

Stop that noise – Facebook’s Smart Glass lets us fade out background noise

In their current Deep Dive, Facebook presents their work in the field of "Smart Audio" for their new Smart Glass, which will make us feel like in a spy movie in the future.