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Lost in the Metalverse – how a concert by Ozzy Osbourne and Co in the Metaverse backfired

Since the Travis Scott concert in Fortnite, the Metaverse has been somewhat considered the future of entertainment. But not all concerts in the virtual world are a hit, as the Metalverse with Ozzy Osborn, Motörheads and co. unfortunately shows.

Mixed reality and virtual reality in the car – BMW turns their new M2 into an immersive driving experience

Can you really bring mixed reality and classic driving together? At the Web Summit 2022, BMW presented an MR project that can turn driving into an immersive experience while sitting in a normal car.

Halloween Tip: 3 movies that show us the horror we could experience through technology

Today is Halloween and what better day to once again show the best movies that made many a horror scenario of the tech scene a reality.

Lamina1 – Neal Stephenson, the father of the metaverse, launches his own metaverse later this year

The metaverse is not as new as we might all think. Already 30 years ago, the author Neal Stephenson established the concept of the metaverse in his novel "Snow Crash". But the father of the metaverse is not very enthusiastic about the current developments in meta and co and plans to change that himself.

Welcome to Walmart Land – Walmart launches its own world in the Metaverse

Walmart - the retail giant has always shown a sense for current trends in the past, but now the retail chain enters the metaverse and proudly presents its latest creation: Walmart Land.

The Disney Lifestyle – how the corporation sees the future of entertainment and storytelling in the metaverse.

When it comes to entertainment, Walt Disney has not only been a pioneer for many decades, but also a creator. From the early beginnings of animated films to today in the fields of robotics and digitization, they are breaking new and sometimes unusual ground.

After the mocked presentation of Meta’s Horizon Worlds, the tech giant now defends itself

Mark Zuckerberg posted an update from Meta's virtual world "Horizon Worlds" and the internet could hardly contain its gloating. But now the tech company is responding with an update.

Dubai relies on the Metaverse and creates nearly 7,000 jobs in the process

Dubai wants to take off in the metaverse. The government of Dubai has now announced that they currently want to set global standards for the development of immersive platforms.
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