Zukunft der Arbeit von Facebook

Facebook shows their vision of virtual work using AR and VR

In a new demo video, Facebook shows how they can imagine the future of work using augmented reality and virtual reality in the office.

How galleries and art fairs find their way into virtual reality

With the outbreak of COVID-19 came a standstill in museums, galleries and art fairs around the world. However, some houses quickly recognized and took their chance in the virtual world.
HTC Vive Sync

HTC Vive Sync brings meetings into virtual reality

The HTC Vive Sync platform is designed for business meetings in virtual reality and will make it easier for companies to exchange digital information in the future.

Wireality brings haptic feedback into virtual reality

With Wireality, scientists at Carnegie Mellon University want to make virtual reality considerably more physical and transfer haptics into virtual reality.
Staatstheater Augsburg

The Augsburg State Theatre offers theatre performances via Virtual Reality

In order to keep the theatre world alive, despite Corona, the Staatstheater Augsburg offers theatre performances in Virtual Reality from Easter.