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Adobe Firefly and Lightroom revolutionize the mixed reality experience with Apple Vision Pro

With the launch of Apple Vision Pro, Apple's first major product since the Apple Watch nine years ago, a new era of mixed reality is entering the technology stage. Adobe is playing a crucial role in this innovative ecosystem by adapting its generative AI app Firefly specifically for VisionOS, significantly expanding the creative potential of Vision Pro.

Disney Unveils Revolutionary HoloTile Floor

Walt Disney Imagineering's latest innovation, the 'HoloTile' floor, marks a significant leap in the realm of virtual reality experiences.

A new dimension of virtual reality: how Chinese researchers can transfer smells into VR

The incorporation of scent simulations into VR systems is a relatively new area of research, expanding the multisensory immersion in virtual environments. This endeavor reflects an ambition to make VR experiences as realistic and comprehensive as possible.

The Future of Marketing: Trends Shaping the Path Ahead

As we head towards the swift conclusion of this year, let's cast our gaze upon emerging marketing trends that will define the landscape in the years to come.

The Future of Travel

The future of travel will undoubtedly be shaped by technological advancements. The integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the travel industry will enable personalized travel planning, taking into account individual preferences and habits.

Apple Vision Pro: Apple Launches Specialized Vision Products Group

Apple has recently made a foray into a brand-new product category with the Apple Vision Pro headset. This represents a deviation from the company's traditional product approach, as Mark Gurman reported in his latest Power On newsletter. To streamline the management of Vision Pro and other segments of the ecosystem, Apple has formulated a dedicated division.

Vision Pro: Apple’s groundbreaking step into the future of spatial computing

With the introduction of their latest innovation, the Vision Pro, Apple steps into the burgeoning market of high-tech glasses. This impressive piece of tech, which boasts a hefty price tag of $3500, aims to open the gateway to a new era of "spatial computing". In this era, digital data merges with our physical surroundings in unprecedented ways, unlocking a wide spectrum of potentialities.

Is the metaverse dead? A look into the future of the digital universe

There's a lot of talk about the Metaverse. Beyond all the hype and speculation, there seems to be an exciting future. The Metaverse is still in development, but it is definitely not dead. A look into the future...
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