Stop that noise – Facebook’s Smart Glass lets us fade out background noise

In their current Deep Dive, Facebook presents their work in the field of "Smart Audio" for their new Smart Glass, which will make us feel like in a spy movie in the future.

VR Startup MelodyVR takes over streaming service Napster

The virtual reality startup MelodyVR takes over the streaming service Napster to create a "next-generation" music service.

Surgical education in Virtual Reality – how the Oculus Business Platform revolutionizes medicine

Medicine is increasingly discovering virtual reality for itself. Especially the surgical education is revolutionized by VR, as this Use Case shows.

Facebook presents a new generation of the virtual reality headset

Facebook presents the future of virtual reality headsets in a research paper. Lighter, more flexible and more attractive thanks to holographic optics.
Zukunft der Arbeit von Facebook

Facebook shows their vision of virtual work using AR and VR

In a new demo video, Facebook shows how they can imagine the future of work using augmented reality and virtual reality in the office.