Virtual Reality und Eskapismus

Escape from Reality – Escapism in Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality enables the journey into a virtual world. But this possibility also holds some dangers. One of them is escapism.

Adventure water slide and roller coaster – how virtual reality changes the experience

With the help of Virtual Reality, water slides and roller coasters become a completely new experience for visitors to amusement parks and pools.

Feelreal VR – Virtual Reality to smell

With Feelreal VR Virtual Reality now becomes even more real and lifelike. The face mask lets us smell and feel VR now.
Zukunft des Fußball

The future of football – how digitalisation is changing sport

The digital transformation does not stop at football either. How the fan experience, the stadium and so on will change...
5G Frequenzen - Start der Auktion

Start of the 5G auction – the future can begin

Today begins the auction of the new 5G frequencies. But what does the new network standard bring for the forward-looking technologies?