Headless CMS – the future of the content management system

What does the future of the content management system look like? One trend that fits wonderfully into our networked and individualized world is the headless CMS.

Primate plays Pong with his thoughts – all thanks to Neuralink’s brain-machine interface

Elon Musk's brain-machine interface company Neuralink has released a video of a monkey playing the video game Pong using only its mind.

95% of industrial companies went digital during the Corona pandemic

A new Bitkom study shows that Corona is leading to a surge in digitization in German industry. IoT, 3D printing and 5G are moving into the focus of companies.

Metalense – MIT develops a breakthrough in optics with zoomable lens

Polished and curved lenses have been the basis of many discoveries in our world for centuries. Be it the eyeglasses, the telescope or even the microscope. They have enabled us to create entirely new...

Digital product development – new approaches for the future

A look at how new technologies - for example, virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D printing - are strengthening innovation in product development