Walmart Roboter

Walmart robots – a long way to robotics in the retail sector

Walmart is one of the first retailers to rely on robots in its stores, but not everyone is enthusiastic about its automatic colleagues.
Zukunftsmedizin Cover

Future medicine

What does the future hold for the healthcare industry? The book Future Medicine by Thomas Schulz takes a look at the opportunities and challenges.
Daimler und Uber

Daimler, BMW and Uber – A collaboration in autonomous driving

The future of mobility belongs to autonomous driving. Daimler, BMW and Uber are collaborating to advance this technology.
Biomimetic Soft Lens

Biomimetic Soft Lens – Zooming through a wink of an eye

The newly developed Biomimetic Soft Lens is a contact lens that allows you to zoom in and out with the eye by simply blinking.
Vortrag German Angst

“German Angst – Why Germany needs a culture of innovation” – Munich

Where does Germany stand when it comes to digitisation and where does digital self-image lack? At I was allowed to show what stumbling blocks there are and how to lead the country into the future.