News from the IAA – Sixt and Intel to bring robot cabs to German...

The IAA in Munich is in full swing. However, one announcement surprised yesterday. From 2022, the car rental company Sixt wants to offer a robot cab service with self-driving vehicles together with Mobileye, an Intel subsidiary

Charging electric cars while driving – this German company wants to prove the concept...

How can electromobility really conquer the roads in just a few years? For this to succeed, new solutions for the charging infrastructure are needed. The German company Magment is now testing its inductive charging solution in the USA.

Nvidia reveals their CEO Jensen Huang was (in part) virtual during his GTC keynote

Nvidia reveals that their CEO Jensen Huang was (in part) virtual during his GTC keynote, proving the power of their product.

Crypo-mining while parking – Daymak’s new electric car starts a revolution in the auto...

Daymak's crypto-mining electric car could bring a revolution to the automotive and blockchain industry in 2023.

Innovation explained: Deep Tech

When it comes to innovations or startups, you always read about so-called "deep tech". But what is behind this term?