Amazon’s new logistics robot Sparrow gets excited about sorting items

Amazon and automation simply belong together, especially in such a retail and logistics empire. Despite all this, there are currently still many activities that can only be performed by humans. However, Amazon plans to change this.

Halloween Tip: 3 movies that show us the horror we could experience through technology

Today is Halloween and what better day to once again show the best movies that made many a horror scenario of the tech scene a reality.

Elon Musk presents the prototype of the humanoid robot “Optimus” at Tesla’s 2022 AI...

At Tesla AI Day 2022, Musk unveiled the first prototype of "Optimus", which shares some sensors and also the software with its relatives on four wheels. With a price tag expected to be less than $20,000, it is expected to set completely new standards in robotics.

Reaching the destination at over 1,000 km/h – high-speed capsules for passengers and goods...

In Canada, work is starting on the construction of a passenger jet that will take passengers and goods to their destination at over 1,000 km/h - climate-neutral and safe.

This AI generated image made 1st place in an art competition – an opportunity...

Can there be art without creativity? That's the discussion sparked by a digital painting that won first place in this year's Colorado State Fair digital art competition.