Lego Mindstorm – the perfect introduction to robotics

The new version of Lego Mindstorm makes robotics even more tangible and understandable for children and companies alike.

The future of medicine – artificial mini-livers successfully tested

Through the successful breeding of a mini liver, the future of medicine is becoming more and more tangible.

Company Watch – Padrone makes the computer mouse redundant

Padrone's innovative ring is intended to replace the computer mouse in the future. In the future, simple finger gestures will make it possible to control the computer without any problems.
Tesla Semi Truck

Tesla Semi Truck – The electric truck to revolutionise logistics

The Tesla Semi Truck is coming onto the roads. As Elon Musk has now announced, the truck with electric drive is now to go into series production.

Like Inception – MIT researchers want to hack our dreams

With Dormio, the Dream Lab at MIT pursues the visionary goal of "hacking" dreams and making them controllable and useful.