5G Frequenzen - Start der Auktion

Start of the 5G auction – the future can begin

Today begins the auction of the new 5G frequencies. But what does the new network standard bring for the forward-looking technologies?

Acoustic metamaterial – this ring blocks sound waves

Researchers at Boston University have developed the Acoustic Metamaterial, which blocks sound waves but allows light and air to pass through.
Die Top-Innovatorinnen aller Zeiten

The top female innovators of our times – women who changed the world

Today, International Women's Day, it is time to pay tribute to the great female innovators of our history. Many of them changed the world forever!
Zukunft der Bildung

Technology, chatbots, innovation – the future of education

What does the future of education look like? A look into the digital classroom and the key gadgets and tools in tomorrow's school.

Energy future: What does Power-to-X mean?

Renewable energies are finding their way into many areas. Power-to-X is a term that frequently appears in this context. But what does it mean?