SoundBeamer – Music without headphones, directly into your ear

Noveto Systems SoundBeamer, projects the music or sounds directly into the head without the need for headphones.
PORTL Hologram Company

Company Watch: PORTL Hologram Company and the Epic Hologram System

The PORTL Hologram Company makes a Hollywood vision tangible. They bring holograms into conference rooms and living rooms.

Walmart develops the retail of the future in its test stores

At Walmart, technology and innovation are increasingly in the spotlight. In times of change, they now want to reinvent retail with four test markets.

Google search becomes even better thanks to artificial intelligence

Google's search will become even more intelligent - artificial intelligence will enable completely new functions in the search engine.

Amazon One – the technology to pay with the palm of your hand

With Amazon One, Amazon wants to bring contactless palm payment to its Amazon Go stores and to third-parties.