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Magiclingua combines the latest technologies with people. Artificial intelligence and native speakers make learning even easier.
Rolle des Gründers

Understanding Startups: The role of the founder

Every team needs a leader. The founder of a start-up company is not only the boss, he is also a role model for his employees.
Startups und ihre Teams

Understanding Startups: How startups put together a team

Startups must decide at an early stage how their team should be made up. They need more than just skills, they need a common vision.
Open Bionics

Open Bionics – with these 3D-print prostheses, patients become superheroes

Robotics and 3D printing in the healthcare sector are merging. Open Bionics is working to develop 3D prostheses that turn their wearers into superheroes.
Startup Eigenschaften

Understanding Startups: Characteristics of the Founders

Startups. They are the young innovators, roaming the market, looking for their niche. But what distinguishes young entrepreneurs?