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In an era increasingly shaped by artificial intelligence, YouTube is cautiously stepping into the realm of responsible AI innovation. The company aims to harness the creative potential of generative AI while safeguarding its community's safety. This endeavor is not just a technological advancement but a commitment to responsible conduct.

Change Communication in the Introduction of Generative AI

The introduction of generative AI, such as ChatGPT or Midjourney, brings with it new forms of communication and interaction, which requires targeted change communication. This communication should address fears and concerns, highlight the added value of the technology and accompany employees through the change. Authenticity and transparency are crucial to successfully exploiting the synergy effect of man and machine in the digital transformation.

Making the future tangible: Why innovation is essential for the general public

Innovations are the key to the future. But what good are all these groundbreaking inventions if they can't be made tangible for the general public? It's time we set out to ensure that everyone can benefit from the latest innovations.

The art of innovation marketing

Successfully marketing innovations is a major challenge. But some measures can help to make the unknown more tangible.

How Meta wants to motivate advertisers to invest in the Metaverse

What role does the metaverse play for marketing? Meta has now invited advertisers and agencies to a round table discussion to explore the opportunities with them.

With artificial intelligence to the personalized brand

In an age of information overload, new marketing strategies are needed to make your brand stand out. Artificial intelligence offers great potential for personalized and individual brand management.

Podcasts in internal communication – an appeal for internal innovation marketing

Innovations only work if they are also communicated internally. This article is an appeal for well thought-out communication - for example, through internal company podcasts.

What we can learn from the gaming industry when it comes to customer loyalty

The gaming industry has fascinated people for decades. For their innovations, companies can learn a lot from them in terms of customer loyalty.
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