OpenAI’s GTP-3 – the future of writing, journalism and coding is called AI

OpenAI's AI text generator GPT-3 enters the beta phase and users are amazed at how elegantly artificial intelligence writes short stories, codes and articles.

Company Watch: UiPath – Europe’s highest rated start-up

The company UiPath is Europe's highest rated start-up. What makes the company special for robot-supported process automation in this "Company Watch" article.
Telexistence Roboter im Handel

Telexistence – a robot helper in Japanese retail

At the first Japanese retail chains, Telexistence's robot will support the employees in refilling the shelves and dealing with customers.

Tesla cars shall be able to drive autonomously until the end of the year

If Elon Musk has its way, Tesla will still reach level 5 of autonomous driving this year, overtaking all other car manufacturers.

Robot Erica stars in a $70 million Hollywood movie

The robot Erica will play the leading role in a current Sci-Fi Hollywood production. Is this the future of the dream factory?