DeepL gibt verbesserte KI bekannt

Web Service DeepL Announces Quantum Leap in Translation Quality

The translation tool DeepL is intended to outpace the competition by using new neural networks in their artificial intelligence.
Fraunhofer-Institut entwickelt hörendes Auto - die modifzierte Dachfinne

Fraunhofer develops the hearing car

Researchers at the Fraunhofer IDMT in Oldenburg are now using artificial intelligence to make the self-driving cars audible.
KI entwickelt Medikament

Artificial intelligence independently develops new drugs for the first time

Technological change plays a major role in drug development in particular. Now, for the first time, a drug developed entirely by artificial intelligence is appearing.
Meena - Googles Chatbot

Meena – the new chatbot from Google, which should change everything

With its new chatbot Meena, Google has enormously increased the conversational power of its Conversational Artificial Intelligence.
Volkswagen und Microsoft

Future of mobility – VW and Microsoft expand their partnership

Volkswagen is focusing on e-mobility, artificial intelligence and digitalisation for the future. Microsoft should help the carmaker in this.