Google search becomes even better thanks to artificial intelligence

Google's search will become even more intelligent - artificial intelligence will enable completely new functions in the search engine.
Toyota Research Institute

How Toyota wants to simplify the lives of senior citizens with its robots

With its robots, the Toyota Research Institute shows the elderly population a way to a self-determined life in an automated household.

Which tasks in the company can the AI take over – Fraunhofer publishes a...

Is a process suitable for automation? Fraunhofer IAO has now published a implementation test for artificial intelligence.

BITKOM study – Germany is more confident in artificial intelligence

More people in Germany are discovering the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence and want to use it in almost all areas of life.

Company Watch: Luther.AI – the Google for memory

Luther.AI, the Google for memories, should help us to store and retrieve all information of our everyday life in an optimal way.