What would your younger self say? – Artist trains AI chatbot with her old...

Sometimes the use of technology sounds like it came straight out of a fantasy movie. Such was the case when a tech artist gave 10 years of diaries to an AI so it could converse with its younger self.

Artificial intelligence in the charts – AI songs conquer China

In China, artificial intelligence is becoming a star. More than 1,000 songs have already been released there with AI voices and some have well over 100 million streams. But what is behind all this?

Amazon’s new logistics robot Sparrow gets excited about sorting items

Amazon and automation simply belong together, especially in such a retail and logistics empire. Despite all this, there are currently still many activities that can only be performed by humans. However, Amazon plans to change this.

AI and the code – Google creates an artificial intelligence that programs autonomously

Google wants to simplify the processes behind programming and is helping with a new AI. The artificial intelligence understands the syntax of a programming language and should also be able to interpret simple command inputs and translate them into code.

Halloween Tip: 3 movies that show us the horror we could experience through technology

Today is Halloween and what better day to once again show the best movies that made many a horror scenario of the tech scene a reality.