Nvidia Omniverse Avatar

Nvidia Omniverse Avatar – the voice assistant of the future

Nvidia uses its experience in artificial intelligence to make other voice assistants, such as Siri and Alexa, look old with their Omniverse Avatar.
Supervised Learning erklärt

Innovation explained: Supervised Learning

AI is a household name for many, but how do machines learn? In this "Innovation Explained", we take a look at supervised learning.
Neuromorphic Computing von Intel

Intel’s Neuromorphic Computing Makes AI More Human

Neuromorphic computing takes AI to a new level. With its 120 million artificial synapses, Intel's machine is not only more powerful than ever - it can also get tired.
Wettervorhersage mit DGMR von DeepMind

DeepMind develops an AI that can accurately predict the weather

DeepMind's new AI makes it possible to accurately predict heavy rain. A revolution in weather forecasting and an opportunity for many sectors.
Bruce Willis Deep Fake

The Future of Advertising – Bruce Willis in a Russian Deep Fake Commercial

"Die Hard" icon Bruce Willis has a new role in a Russian commercial. But he didn't have to enter a film set for it, instead he licenses his face for the innovative Deep Fake commercial.