Big Data und Artificial Intelligence

Big data and Artificial Intelligence

Big data has long been more than just hype. What started as a buzzword is now changing business processes and the way a company is run.

Magiclingua – AI and mother tongue united

Magiclingua combines the latest technologies with people. Artificial intelligence and native speakers make learning even easier.
Smarte Maschinen

Smart machines: How Artificial Intelligence Changes Our Lives

We are in the middle of the era of smart machines. How they change our lives is shown by Ulrich Eberl in his book " Smart Machines".
Zukunft des Recruiting Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Recruiting

Artificial Intelligence already shapes the future of recruiting today and enables the automation of many aspects of the application process.

Microsoft and Vatican – an alliance for ethical artificial intelligence

At a meeting between Brad Smith of Microsoft and Pope Franzisikus, a prize was established to promote ethics in artificial intelligence.