AI Recruiting

AI Recruiting – Artificial Intelligence in Recruiting and Career Coaching

Today, HR professionals often use artificial intelligence. AI Recruiting helps with both personnel selection and career coaching.

Neuralink – how Elon Musk wants to upgrade our brain

With his company Neuralink, Tesla boss Elon Musk wants to make our brain more efficient and lead us into the future of learning.
Marketing Technologien

Technology trends in marketing

Technologies such as Virtual Reality, Edge Computing and AI are changing our companies and are not stopping at marketing.
Irony Man der Universit├Ąt Augsburg

Irony Man – the robot with the ironic comments

The University of Augsburg has created a robot with irony. Irony Man is supposed to help people to better receive bad news and to like the robot.
Roboter in der Telemedizin

Robots in Telemedicine – Nurses and Doctors of the Future?

Robots are increasingly being used in telemedicine. Smart assistants can support doctors and nurses in the health care system.