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Google CEO in favor of regulating AI

In the age of technology, we have to ask ourselves what impact the rapid development has on our lives. Google CEO Sundar Pichai has now spoken out in favor of legal rules for dealing with artificial intelligence. Especially so-called deepfake videos, in which real people can be deceptively portrayed, pose a danger to society. Their production must have consequences, Pichai emphasized in an interview with the US TV station CBS.

ChatGPT and robotics – OpenAI invests in robotics company 1X

At least since the success of ChatGPT, everyone knows OpenAI. In addition to the groundbreaking chatbot, they are also pioneers in image creation and other areas of generative AI. But now the company is looking to take the next step.

The ethical challenges of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the most fascinating technologies of our time and its rapid development impresses everyone. ChatGPT is a perfect example of the rapid development of AI and how it can improve our lives. However, while AI brings many benefits, ethical issues have also arisen that need to be considered.

Designing with Canva: New AI tools simplify workflow

Canva has long been a popular online platform for creating graphics, presentations, and more. Now, the company has unveiled a new suite of AI tools designed to help users create engaging designs faster and easier.

Generative AI – the new era of journalism?

Journalism has changed dramatically in recent years, and not least through the use of artificial intelligence. Particularly exciting is the use of generative AI, which makes it possible to automatically generate texts written by humans. But what exactly is generative AI and how is it changing journalism?

Microsoft and the AI – how Bing is out of control device and Microsoft blames everyone else

Microsoft's current attempt to integrate ChatGPT into Bing shows that it is not always so easy to jump on a hype. From threats against the users to declarations of love, everything was involved - but is the company really dealing with the failure in the right way? A comment...

Opera “Shorten”: AI summary of web content at the push of a button

Artificial intelligence is currently on everyone's lips and many companies want to jump on this bandwagon. The browser manufacturer Opera is also one of these companies and is building the new AI function "Shorten" into its mobile and desktop browsers.

Teams Premium – How ChatGPT and OpenAI will revolutionize the meeting experience

As Microsoft shared in a recent blog post, the company plans to bring ChatGPT, OpenAI's AI, more into their conferences and meetings in the future. All thanks to Teams Premium.
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