70,000 hours of video footage – how OpenAI’s AI learned to play Minecraft

Using 70,000 hours of video footage, an AI has now taught itself how to play Minecraft and is showing impressive. The next step, OpenAI says, is to teach it how to use a computer in general.

When AI creates images – text-to-image with Midjourney

Artificial intelligence is changing the way we perceive reality. But text-to-picture solutions, like Midjourney, bring a whole new way of using the technology - sometimes impressive, sometimes disturbing...

Developers are currently focusing on these five trends

According to a recent study by SlashData of some 20,000 developers from around the world, these five trends will be the drivers of the next...

Google’s PHORUM AI model creates photorealistic 3D avatars

Avatars will be a big part of our future communication, especially with the Metaverse in the starting blocks. With Google's PHORUM AI model, creating them will be child's play in the future, because all it takes is a photo.

Goodbye German Angst – we can call it German Shyness now

A question of German Angst. What is our attitude toward artificial intelligence? Are we afraid or open to the technological revolution? A new study by OMD has investigated.