Smart City

Smart Cities – 5 technologies that will shape our cities

More and more cities are presenting their plans for a Smart City approach. They will not be able to avoid these five technologies when planning their cities.
Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines focuses on AI user experience

Singapore Airlines revises its digital customer approach. KI will provide a personalized user experience for more than 20 million passengers.
Virtual Human von Talespin

Virtual Human by Talespin – Employee Training in Virtual Reality

Fire employees virtually? With its Virtual Human Technology, Talespin is launching the future of employee training on the market.
Microsoft HoloLens Demo - Inspire 2019

HoloLens 2 and Azure AI – real-time translation into Mixed Reality

At this year's Microsoft Inspire Event, Microsoft demonstrated the capabilities of Azure AI and HoloLens in real-time translation.
AI Recruiting

AI Recruiting – Artificial Intelligence in Recruiting and Career Coaching

Today, HR professionals often use artificial intelligence. AI Recruiting helps with both personnel selection and career coaching.