UVD Robot

How robots help in the Corona Pandemic

The coronavirus presents us with a new challenge. But in times of lived digitalization, robots in particular are proving to be helpers in times of need.
Soul Machines

Company Watch – Soul Machines shapes the future of virtual assistants

Virtual avatars are a central tool of the future. The AI and avatars of Soul Machines breathe life into digital assistants.

Google Socratic – AI based homework assistance

Pupils, just like professionals, face a great challenge. The Google App Socratic offers AI-based support for the future of education.
Amazon-Go für den Handel

Amazon-Go for stationary retail – how Amazon wants to transform retail

Amazon-Go brings its "Just Walk Out" technology to the stationary retail trade and supports retailers in digitizing the POS.
Intel, Lenovo und Google helfen beim Coronavirus

Fight against Corona – Google, Lenovo and Intel help with sequencing of Covid-19

The coronavirus is currently keeping everyone on edge. Help is coming from Google, Lenovo and Intel, who are now helping with the sequencing of Covid-19.