NextMind - Brain-Computer-Interface

NextMind sets new standards with its brain-computer interface

For many people, the brain-computer interface is the future of computer technology. NextMind has now presented a groundbreaking innovation at the CES.
Tech-Trends 2020

Technology Trends 2020 – the decade of automation and immersion

We are heading into a new decade. But what technology trends await us in 2020? A look at smart home, artificial intelligence and wearables.
Volkswagen Laderoboter

Volkswagen presents autonomous charging robot

Volkswagen uses charging robots to transport the electricity directly to the parked cars. All without charging stations and other structural measures.
Neuromorphic Computing

Introduction to Neuromorphic Computing

Neuromorphic computing is the next generation of artificial intelligence. An introduction to the next level and generation of AI...
ABB Roboter bei Bloomingdale's

Robots at Bloomingdale’s – Christmas helpers in retail

Retail robots. ABB robots ring in the Christmas season at New York's legendary Bloomingdale's department store and interact with customers.