A look back…at the home of the future – CBS television special from 1967.

"A look back..." is a new format that takes a look at visions of the future that didn't quite come to pass as predicted. Today it's about the vision of the home of tomorrow from 1967.

Is Facebook planning its own smartwatch?

Is Facebook working on a smartwatch? According to a recent report, the social media giant wants to focus not only on messaging but also on health and fitness in 2022 - all thanks to its own wearable.

Personal ID card on the smartphone

With the new plan for an ID card on the smartphone, digitization is making its way into the bureaucracy.

Microsoft Viva: The Future of the Home Office?

To help shape this world of "New Working," Microsoft has now unveiled Viva, a new employee platform.

A new study reveals – German media reporting on artificial intelligence is too one-sided

In the study "How Germany writes about algorithms," the Bertelsmann Stiftung, in cooperation with the University of Bremen, shows how the media report on artificial intelligence.