Product Launch 2022 – Apple’s AR Glasses reach another milestone

In early 2022, Apple is expected to launch its AR glasses on the market. Now, according to reports, the company has reached another milestone.

Tesla cars shall be able to drive autonomously until the end of the year

If Elon Musk has its way, Tesla will still reach level 5 of autonomous driving this year, overtaking all other car manufacturers.

Mixed Reality Startup Magic Leap gets reinforcement from Microsoft

Peggy Johnson, former manager at Microsoft, is the new CEO of Magic Leap - and she has big plans for the mixed reality start-up.

Digitalisation of pharmacies – the prescription becomes digital

The electronic prescription will be introduced to pharmacies and doctors' offices in Germany next year. Gematik has now published the requirements for the app.

Facebook presents a new generation of the virtual reality headset

Facebook presents the future of virtual reality headsets in a research paper. Lighter, more flexible and more attractive thanks to holographic optics.