Crypo-mining while parking – Daymak’s new electric car starts a revolution in the auto...

Daymak's crypto-mining electric car could bring a revolution to the automotive and blockchain industry in 2023.

Google brings Meet to their Smart Glasses

A good move in New Working - Google has announced that they plan to bring their Meet video conferencing service to Google Glass.

AI Sales – Artificial Intelligence in Sales

Artificial intelligence, used correctly, can optimize the sales process and make it more efficient. Click here for an insight into the possibilities of AI sales.

Innovation explained: Deep Tech

When it comes to innovations or startups, you always read about so-called "deep tech". But what is behind this term?

On to creative shores – With Brickit you can master the LEGO brick chaos

Brickit's AI camera scans cluttered mountains of LEGO bricks and suggests unique structures.