Company Watch: Deepdub revolutionizes the dubbing of movies, series and games

Deepdub makes the original voices of actors and speakers available in other languages in seconds using artificial intelligence.

A look back…at the future of mobility

In this issue of "A look back..." we take a look at not entirely realistic visions of tomorrow's mobility.

OVR opens a virtual art gallery for NFTs announced today the opening of a virtual gallery for NFT artists. Here artists can present their works in the digital space.

How the EU’s artificial intelligence regulation could stall innovation

The EU is working on a regulation for artificial intelligence. In itself, this is not a bad project, but in some cases reality and the regulation are further apart than they should be...a commentary.

Headless CMS – the future of the content management system

What does the future of the content management system look like? One trend that fits wonderfully into our networked and individualized world is the headless CMS.