Affective Computing

Innovation explained: Affective Computing

Affective Computing, or Emotion AI, uses artificial intelligence to help close the emotional barrier between humans and machines.
UVD Robot

How robots help in the Corona Pandemic

The coronavirus presents us with a new challenge. But in times of lived digitalization, robots in particular are proving to be helpers in times of need.
Soul Machines

Company Watch – Soul Machines shapes the future of virtual assistants

Virtual avatars are a central tool of the future. The AI and avatars of Soul Machines breathe life into digital assistants.

Google Socratic – AI based homework assistance

Pupils, just like professionals, face a great challenge. The Google App Socratic offers AI-based support for the future of education.
Amazon-Go für den Handel

Amazon-Go for stationary retail – how Amazon wants to transform retail

Amazon-Go brings its "Just Walk Out" technology to the stationary retail trade and supports retailers in digitizing the POS.