Mojo Vision

Mojo Vision develops smart contact lenses for augmented reality

The smart contact lenses of the Silicon Valley start-up Mojo Vision are designed to enable augmented reality without glasses or headset.
Samsung Neon

Samsung’s neon – virtual friend or mere gimmick?

At the CES 2020 in Las Vegas, Samsung presented Neon, the first avatar powered by AI. But what is behind the virtual humans?
NextMind - Brain-Computer-Interface

NextMind sets new standards with its brain-computer interface

For many people, the brain-computer interface is the future of computer technology. NextMind has now presented a groundbreaking innovation at the CES.

Teslasuit’s new VR glove lets us feel physical objects in virtual reality

Teslasuit makes virtual reality tangible with her new VR glove and brings a whole new haptical feeling to the virtual world.
Tech-Trends 2020

Technology Trends 2020 – the decade of automation and immersion

We are heading into a new decade. But what technology trends await us in 2020? A look at smart home, artificial intelligence and wearables.