GPT-3 writes a scientific article about itself and releases it for publication

Can an artificial intelligence write scientific articles? In Gothenburg, Open AIs GPT-3 has now proven that it is capable of doing so and has even agreed to be published in an academic journal. Are we looking at the future of scientific work?

Dubai relies on the Metaverse and creates nearly 7,000 jobs in the process

Dubai wants to take off in the metaverse. The government of Dubai has now announced that they currently want to set global standards for the development of immersive platforms.

Google launches new augmented reality glasses – but are they too careful this time?

It's been a few years since Google launched their first attempt at augmented reality. Google Glass, despite promising features, was a flop. The constant use of built-in video cameras, the lack of understanding for users. But now the tech company wants to get it right and is experimenting with new possibilities in AR.

Disney and Polygon – how the entertainment giant is looking for its future in...

Disney continues to focus on innovation and is now supporting NFT pioneer Polygon in its 2022 Accelerator Program. What future plans the company might have with NFTs and co. remains exciting...

Work begins on Cargo Sous Terrain – how Switzerland is putting logistics underground

The demand for goods in our society will increase even further in the coming years. In Switzerland, an alternative solution was presented in 2016 that now appears to be becoming reality: Cargo Sous Terrain. But what is behind it?