Walmart Roboter

Walmart robots – a long way to robotics in the retail sector

Walmart is one of the first retailers to rely on robots in its stores, but not everyone is enthusiastic about its automatic colleagues.
Smart City

Smart Cities – 5 technologies that will shape our cities

More and more cities are presenting their plans for a Smart City approach. They will not be able to avoid these five technologies when planning their cities.
BBC Voice Assistant Beep

BBC bets on own voice assistant “Beep”

With its voice assistant "Beep", BBC is launching a voice assistant that is intended to understand the complex British accents.
Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines focuses on AI user experience

Singapore Airlines revises its digital customer approach. KI will provide a personalized user experience for more than 20 million passengers.
Zukunftsmedizin Cover

Future medicine

What does the future hold for the healthcare industry? The book Future Medicine by Thomas Schulz takes a look at the opportunities and challenges.