Magic Leap Mica

Magic Leaps Mica – the Future of Virtual Assistants

At yesterday's in-house development conference L.E.A.P. Magic Leap demonstrated its virtual assistant Mica to the journalists.
Smart Home

Smart Home Technology – Opportunities and Ways of Integration

The future of living belongs to smart homes. The technology should offer homeowners increased security, convenience and energy efficiency.
VUCA World - Digitale Transformation

Designing digitalization: The opportunities of the VUCA world

Digital transformation is making its way into most companies and industries. In times of change one often reads about the so-called VUCA world. But what does this term mean?
Megatrend Individualisierung

Traces of change: Individualisation

Today's customers are looking for their own niche. They want to stand out from the crowd. The megatrend individualization reflects this development.

KAYAKS new Augmented Reality application measures your hand luggage

Never again have too much hand luggage on the plane. The new Augmented Reality app of the travel search engine KAYAK solves this problem!