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NVIDIA’s Vanguard Mission: Pioneering the Frontier of Artificial General Intelligence

In the heart of Silicon Valley, where innovation and progress walk hand in hand, a new era of technology is unfolding under NVIDIA's banner. Led by visionary CEO Jensen Huang, the company has launched an ambitious initiative to expand the horizon of artificial intelligence by focusing on the creation of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

A global pact for the future of AI: Google boss Sundar Pichai’s vision of global regulation

In an era where the boundaries between human and machine increasingly blur, Sundar Pichai, the visionary leader behind Alphabet, the parent company of Google, advocates for the creation of a global regulatory framework for artificial intelligence.

Sora: OpenAI’s leap into the future of AI-driven video generation

OpenAI has made a groundbreaking leap in the field of artificial intelligence with the introduction of Sora, an advanced text-to-video model. This model has the capability to generate videos based on short descriptive prompts or even extend existing videos in time, both forwards and backwards.

Revolution on the horizon: How Brilliant Labs combines AR and AI with frame smart glasses

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Revolution in the kitchen: How Nala Robotics is reinventing gastronomy with ChatGPT and robotics

Since the public introduction of generative artificial intelligence and large language models in late 2022, the field of robotics has witnessed a significant shift towards harnessing the latest AI capabilities. Nala Robotics Inc. stands out as a prime example of this trend, leveraging ChatGPT to empower its autonomous chefs to master almost any recipe.

New IMF study: AI is bringing about a global transformation of the world of work

In the era of digital progress, humanity stands on the threshold of a technological revolution, driven by the advancing development of artificial intelligence. A recent analysis by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) highlights the deep and far-reaching impact of AI on the global work landscape.

Christmas magic: A holiday for innovation and innovation management

In the festive embrace of Christmas, where candlelight and the aroma of pine infuse the air, emerges an unexpected gift: the opportunity for fresh ideas in innovation management. Traditionally a time of reflection and tranquility, Christmas paradoxically can be a potent catalyst for creativity and innovation.

The AI revolution in startups: navigating the sea of possibilities

In the dynamic realm of technological innovation, a silent revolution is blossoming, spearheaded by startups at the cutting edge of Artificial Intelligence. In this era where AI transcends being a futuristic concept to become a tangible reality, it's the startups that are exploring and realizing the untapped potential of this technology.

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