Edge Computing

Innovation explained: Edge Computing

The next big trend in technology could be Edge Computing. But what is it and what is the potential of the computing trend?
Intelligente Informationen in der Zukunft

How will intelligent information shape our future?

Information determines our daily life. But where do intelligent information already find use today and which scenarios will shape the future?
Zukunft der Mobilität

The future of mobility

Mobility is changing fundamentally. Automobile manufacturers and urban planners are already having to adapt to completely new challenges.
Amazon Scout

Amazon Scout – the Amazon robot delivery service

With Amazon Scout, the eCommerce giant is launching a pilot project with delivery robots. The autonomous supplier is now being tested at selected locations.
IoT Trends

IoT-Trends 2019 – Forecasts for the Internet of Things

2019 will be a great year for the Internet of Things, but IoT technology is about to undergo some changes in the new year.