Innovationskultur Nintendo

What we can learn from the innovation culture at Nintendo

What we can learn from the 130-year history of Nintendo on innovation culture and innovation management. It only takes courage and a future mentality.
Prototypen in der Innovation

Prototype the Future – why prototypes are crucial in the innovation process

Prototypes help companies to make their innovations, processes and ideas tangible and to evaluate their relevance for future users.
Megatrend Convenience

Traces of change – Megatrend Convenience

Customer needs change. Today, customers have different expectations than they did a few years ago. The convenience megatrend is the key!

Innovation methods: Analogy method

In the field of innovation, you don't always have to reinvent the wheel. The analogy method helps in the process of finding new ideas and possibilities.
Innovation der Versicherung

Insurance – why companies have to face transformation

The insurance industry determines our daily lives. But insurance companies must reinvent themselves in order to be successful in the long term.