Innovationsmonitor Publishing

Innovationsmonitor Publishing

How is the publishing industry doing when it comes to innovation? We address this topic in the study "Innovation Monitor Publishing".
Open Innovation Prozess Workshop

Open Innovation Process – of participants and ideas

With Open Innovation, the different focus of the participants can lead to more efficient and problem oriented ideas and solutions.
Arten der Innovation

Four types of innovation in the enterprise of tomorrow

In order to modernize one's own business model and gain an understanding of the opportunities on the market, there are different types of innovation.
Innovationskultur Nintendo

What we can learn from the innovation culture at Nintendo

What we can learn from the 130-year history of Nintendo on innovation culture and innovation management. It only takes courage and a future mentality.
Prototypen in der Innovation

Prototype the Future – why prototypes are crucial in the innovation process

Prototypes help companies to make their innovations, processes and ideas tangible and to evaluate their relevance for future users.