Innovationsmethoden: Brainwriting

Innovation methods: Brainwriting

In order to come up with new and innovative ideas, you sometimes have to break new ground. One innovation method is brainwriting.
Strategien Digitales Recruiting

5 steps for the integration of digital recruiting in the company

There are various ways to introduce digital recruiting in your company. With these five strategies, a change in recruiting can succeed!
Innovationskultur aufbauen

Establishing a culture of innovation – Disruption and risk-taking in companies

In times of technological change and disruption, companies need a revolution in their own structures. It needs a culture of innovation!
Startup Eigenschaften

Understanding Startups: Characteristics of the Founders

Startups. They are the young innovators, roaming the market, looking for their niche. But what distinguishes young entrepreneurs?
Digital Work Design

Digital Work Design: The Big Five for Work, Leadership and Organization in the Digital...

In the course of digitalization, a lot will change. Organizations, too, have to consider a number of things in their processes when it comes to the digital world.