Tagebuch eines Unternehmers - Alexander Pinker

Diary of an entrepreneur: A future strategist in times of the Corona pandemic

My name is Alexander Pinker and I am an innovation-profiler and future strategist. My job is, normally at least, to help companies through the future and to shape the world of tomorrow together with them. But: the world is upside down. The future is more uncertain than ever. In this series, I would like to give a glimpse into my everyday life and motivate other entrepreneurs, managers and founders to look ahead even in times of the coronavirus!
Kollaboration in Zeiten des Coronavirus

Coronavirus provides collaboration between unexpected partners

The coronavirus is bringing more and more companies together. Collaborations for a greater goal are shaping the corporate world these days.
Weltraumtechnologie und Innovationsmanagement

How space technology shapes our innovation landscape

Space employs many companies. But what is the state of space technology and what can we learn for our innovation landscape?
Smart Hospital in Essen

Smart Hospital – how the University Hospital in Essen is shaping the future of...

With the "Smart Hospital" initiative, the University Hospital Essen wants to set an example for the future of medicine and the clinic of tomorrow.
KI im Management

69% of routine management tasks are automated by AI

Gartner predicts that 69% of the routine tasks currently performed by managers will be fully automated by AI by the year 2024.