Alexander Pinker - Innovation-Profiler & Zukunftsstrage

Shaping digital change – my honest opinion as a futurist on the business world...

For years, companies have been talking about digital upheaval, disruption and digital transformation. As a futurist, future strategist and innovation profiler, it is my job to shape the future and actively seek out the trends. A few tips for CEOs, CIOs and founders.

LinkedIn identifies the trend jobs 2020

Which professions will be particularly relevant for the future? LinkedIn has now prepared a study with the trend occupations for 2020.

The role of machines in the future

Our relationship with machines has always been somewhat complicated in the past. But how can we use them efficiently and cooperatively in the future?
Werkzeuge für virtuelle Teams

4 Tools that lead virtual teams to success

Managing virtual teams is not an easy task for project managers. These four tools help to improve collaboration.

The three laws of digital transformation

The digital transformation essentially comprises three laws: Moore's Law, Metcalfe's Law and Bandwidth Law. They shape our digital world today.