VUCA World - Digitale Transformation

Designing digitalization: The opportunities of the VUCA world

Digital transformation is making its way into most companies and industries. In times of change one often reads about the so-called VUCA world. But what does this term mean?

The Ten Faces of Innovation – the roles in a differentiated innovation culture

In his book "The Ten Faces of Innovation" Tom Kelley gives deep insights into the different phases of innovation and change in companies.
Macunx VR und das Innovationsmanagement

Macunx VR – what you can learn from the memory palace for innovation management

In 2016 I wrote about the Memory Palace of Macunx VR. They have completed their kickstarter campaign with about 400% of the invested capital and there is a lot to learn from them.

Gartner, Inc. on the Barriers of Digital Transformation

Research institute Gartner, Inc. has identified the six major barriers to digital transformation in a recent survey.

Innovations in Retail – the first book by Alexander Pinker

Retailers are increasingly facing new challenges. The book Innovations in Retail gives retailers tips on how to design digitisation.