Is Facebook planning its own smartwatch?

Is Facebook working on a smartwatch? According to a recent report, the social media giant wants to focus not only on messaging but also on health and fitness in 2022 - all thanks to its own wearable.

SkinMarks – Google turns the body into a touchpad

With SkinMarks, Google is launching a wearable innovation that can turn the whole body into a touchpad thanks to tattoos.

Company Watch – Padrone makes the computer mouse redundant

Padrone's innovative ring is intended to replace the computer mouse in the future. In the future, simple finger gestures will make it possible to control the computer without any problems.
Tech-Trends 2020

Technology Trends 2020 – the decade of automation and immersion

We are heading into a new decade. But what technology trends await us in 2020? A look at smart home, artificial intelligence and wearables.
Bosch Smartglass

Bosch develops the next Smartglass generation

Bosch Sensortec makes Smartglasses more inconspicuous and smarter. Is this the start of a new generation of Smartglass technology?