MIT AlterEgo Werable System

MIT’s AlterEgo allows us to communicate with machines without words

Communication without words? MIT researchers have now developed the wearable AlterEgo based on subvocalization, which can measure neuromuscular signals that enable mobile communication without words.
Innovation erklärt: Exoskelett

Innovation explained: Exoskeleton

Until now, they have only been known from the screen - exoskeletons. In Iron Man, for example, Tony Stark uses such an exoskeleton as a superhero to do good deeds. But the suits that increase human potential are no longer science fiction, they are now a reality. Innovation explained....
Individuelles Marketing mittels Wearables

Individual marketing through wearables

If you look around the streets, conference rooms or the gym, you can see them everywhere - the wearables. A hype? It may be, but in spite of everything, it is a currently serious...