Bosch Smartglass

Bosch develops the next Smartglass generation

Bosch Sensortec makes Smartglasses more inconspicuous and smarter. Is this the start of a new generation of Smartglass technology?

Skin VR System – Feel Haptic Objects in Virtual Reality

The Skin-VR-System simulates touches and sensory experiences in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality and makes immersion even more real.
Fitness Technologien

Fitness Technology – How AI, Wearables and Virtual Reality are Changing the gym

Fitness technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Wearables will change fitness studios.
RaDoTech Full Body Scan

RaDoTech – The Medical Full Body Scan for the Home

In times of medical self-determination, the RaDoTech company offers a full body scan that can be done comfortably from home.
IBMs Smartwatch

Smartwatch or Tablet – IBM’s Latest Patent on the Future of Smartphones

What does the future hold for the smartphone? IBM has very special ideas and combines Smartwatch, Smartphone and Tablet in this new patent.