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ChatGPT and the Revolution of Commerce

There are few industries that have evolved as rapidly in recent years as the world of commerce. Already, it's clear that we are only at the beginning of a revolutionary era. The future of commerce will be shaped by a fusion of technology, creativity, and customer-centricity, with the advanced AI technology, especially the development of ChatGPT by OpenAI, playing a pivotal role.

Augmented Reality: How technology is revolutionizing product presentation

As a technology trend in marketing, augmented reality (AR) is on everyone's lips. But what exactly is behind this term and how can it be used in product presentation?

Welcome to Walmart Land – Walmart launches its own world in the Metaverse

Walmart - the retail giant has always shown a sense for current trends in the past, but now the retail chain enters the metaverse and proudly presents its latest creation: Walmart Land.

How Walmart plans to conquer the metaverse with NFTs and its own cryptocurrency

Recent trademark filings show that retail giant Walmart is looking to make its way in the metaverse by launching its own cryptocurrency and NFTs.

Beware of the Grinch-Bot – how a bot tries to steal Christmas

Who does not know him. Green, grouchy and mean - the Grinch has become firmly fused with Christmas. But now the Grinch bot is stealing the Christmas presents.

Company Watch: Get groceries in 10 minutes with Berlin’s Unicorn Gorillas

In less than a year, quick commerce startup Gorillas has become a German unicorn. A look at the Berlin-based company, which promises grocery deliveries in ten minutes.

Augmented Reality is experiencing an upswing in COVID-19 dominated retail

Augmented Reality for retail is experiencing an upswing during the Corona Pandemic and offers retailers unique opportunities.

Walmart develops the retail of the future in its test stores

At Walmart, technology and innovation are increasingly in the spotlight. In times of change, they now want to reinvent retail with four test markets.

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