Who does not know him. Green, grouchy and mean – the Grinch has become firmly fused with Christmas, as are other stories and myths. But this year, the creature of Dr. Seuss is coming more alive than any of us might like.

Every day, server providers keep billions of evil and dangerous bots away from our computers. But one attacker is more persistent than ever and has set its sights on stealing Christmas: the Grinch-Bot.

Technically, the Grinch-Bot is nothing more than any other bot; a program that runs on a computer and sends requests within the Internet. While bots have already brought search engines to their knees and paralyzed servers, the Grinch bot has a different goal: it steals our Christmas presents. In doing so, he automatically follows the purchase requests of users on the net and tries to order the items before they do. In doing so, he is only active during the Christmas season and simply wants to torpedo the holiday season.

It is not a new phenomenon, usually the Grinch-Bot first appears around Black Friday, when online business starts to boom.

The bot is not alone, a large number of such attacks are recorded by providers such as Cloudflare every year and they do everything they can to protect users and their purchases with ever new and more sophisticated data security measures. But whether the Grinch-Bot, similar to the nasty green villain will ever be on the side of the party, remains to be doubted.



Post picture: Cloudeflare


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