What role does the metaverse play for marketing? In virtual reality and by means of augmented reality, potential customers can be led much better into the brand world of companies. We’ve reported on this more frequently in the past, but with the metaverse on the doorstep, the question is how the merging of virtual and real environments can help advertisers. Last Tuesday, according to recent media reports, Meta met with advertising agencies in a Zoom conference to help future advertisers better understand the Metaverse and thus see benefits for their brands.


Metaverse and Advertising (Source: Senator We Run Ads)


What was interesting about this meeting was that it also provided some insight into Meta’s timeline, who commented at the roundtable that it could be well over a decade before the full potential of the Metaverse can be realized. In the meantime, Meta recommends that advertisers continue to experiment with augmented reality ads and gradually gain experience in the immersive world. Little is known, however, about what ads will be possible in the Metaverse, how successes will be analyzed, and how brands will be protected from being placed next to inappropriate promotions or content.

Many questions remained unanswered, however, and the advertisers who were spoken to are very curious about what else may happen in the future. Of course, the metaverse itself offers a lot of potential and rarely has it been possible to address users in a more individual and tailored way. But security, transparency and freedom of design still have a ways to go.


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