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Web3 VS Metaverse – will the future of the Internet be...

There is currently a lot of discussion about what the future of the Internet will look like. Two concepts are on everyone's lips: Web3 and the metaverse. But which one will prevail in the end?

How Walmart plans to conquer the metaverse with NFTs and its...

Recent trademark filings show that retail giant Walmart is looking to make its way in the metaverse by launching its own cryptocurrency and NFTs.

Metamobility from Hyundai Motor – walking on Mars in the Metaverse

Hyundai Motor combines metaverse and mobility in Metamobility. The company explained how this will work at CES 2022.

Facebook is now called Meta and invests billions in the metaverse

Facebook is now called Meta and is investing billions in the future of social VR and life in the virtual world.

4 future industries in which it is worth founding a startup

Rarely has there been more opportunity for a startup to actively shape the future. Four industries to take a closer look at.