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Meta’s AR Leap: “Orion” Steals the Spotlight

As the tech world buzzes with anticipation, Meta is gearing up for a grand reveal that promises to blur the lines between the digital and the physical like never before. The company's first foray into true augmented reality (AR) glasses, codenamed "Orion," is expected to take center stage at the Connect 2024 conference later this year.

NVIDIA’s Vanguard Mission: Pioneering the Frontier of Artificial General Intelligence

In the heart of Silicon Valley, where innovation and progress walk hand in hand, a new era of technology is unfolding under NVIDIA's banner. Led by visionary CEO Jensen Huang, the company has launched an ambitious initiative to expand the horizon of artificial intelligence by focusing on the creation of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

Disney Unveils Revolutionary HoloTile Floor

Walt Disney Imagineering's latest innovation, the 'HoloTile' floor, marks a significant leap in the realm of virtual reality experiences.

A new dimension of virtual reality: how Chinese researchers can transfer smells into VR

The incorporation of scent simulations into VR systems is a relatively new area of research, expanding the multisensory immersion in virtual environments. This endeavor reflects an ambition to make VR experiences as realistic and comprehensive as possible.

The Future of Marketing: Trends Shaping the Path Ahead

As we head towards the swift conclusion of this year, let's cast our gaze upon emerging marketing trends that will define the landscape in the years to come.

The Leadership Model in Times of Technological Change

In an era of rapid technological advancement, managers face a significant challenge: they must not only chart the course but also assume an inspirational leadership role for their teams.

Is the metaverse dead? A look into the future of the digital universe

There's a lot of talk about the Metaverse. Beyond all the hype and speculation, there seems to be an exciting future. The Metaverse is still in development, but it is definitely not dead. A look into the future...

Virtual Reality: A Breakthrough in Dementia Control

Virtual reality is often described as a forward-looking tool for entertainment and gaming. But today we're seeing an unprecedented expansion of its applications - one that can not only enrich, but transform the lives of the older generation. Recent advances show that VR is an effective strategy to combat dementia, a scourge that affects millions of people worldwide.

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