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Are the Meta Glasses coming? – Meta acquires smart glass startup Luxexcel

Facebook's and Instagram's parent company Meta has acquired Dutch startup Luxexcel, which specializes in smart glasses.

Facebook and Instagram will soon support NFTs

Today Meta announced that users can now post their NFTs on Instagram as well as Facebook. By connecting to a wallet, such as MetaMask, Coinbase or Dapper, the digital artwork can be published and connected to profiles.

After the mocked presentation of Meta’s Horizon Worlds, the tech giant now defends itself

Mark Zuckerberg posted an update from Meta's virtual world "Horizon Worlds" and the internet could hardly contain its gloating. But now the tech company is responding with an update.

How Meta wants to motivate advertisers to invest in the Metaverse

What role does the metaverse play for marketing? Meta has now invited advertisers and agencies to a round table discussion to explore the opportunities with them.

Meta’s Super Bowl commercial irritates viewers

Facebook's parent company Meta made a strong case for the Metaverse and their Quest 2 with their Super Bowl commercial this year. However, the message is not made entirely clear....

These companies build the Metaverse

The metaverse is increasingly becoming the focus of a wide variety of industries. But which companies are currently leading the way in creating the virtual world and what assets do they bring to the table? A brief insight...

Horizon Worlds – the metaverse world building kit goes into beta version

With Horizon Worlds, Meta is launching a world-building kit and a beta version of the metaverse that aims to bring the technology to the masses.

Facebook is now called Meta and invests billions in the metaverse

Facebook is now called Meta and is investing billions in the future of social VR and life in the virtual world.

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