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Sega VR – a treasure of virtual reality gaming history comes...

A new look at the history of Virtual Reality Gaming is given by a newly discovered game of the Sega VR-Headset from 1993.

Digital recruiting using virtual reality

In digital recruiting, virtual reality offers unique opportunities to give applicants a look behind the scenes!

Facebook Oculus Infinite Office is the virtual reality office for home

At this year's Facebook Connect, Facebook unveiled its new Oculus feature "Infinite Office", through which Facebook wants to offer virtual office space to people in the home office.

VR Startup MelodyVR takes over streaming service Napster

The virtual reality startup MelodyVR takes over the streaming service Napster to create a "next-generation" music service.

Facebook presents a new generation of the virtual reality headset

Facebook presents the future of virtual reality headsets in a research paper. Lighter, more flexible and more attractive thanks to holographic optics.