Tag: VR

Virtual Product Design – Ford develops cars in Virtual Reality

Despite the spatial distance, the designers at Ford were creative. They are now developing the cars of the future via virtual reality.

The post-Corona era: Why digitisation must remain

In times of Corona we face many challenges, but what can we learn from the pandemic and what instruments will remain?

Social VR – Facebook Horizon enters the alpha phase

Currently, we realize more than ever that we need virtual alternatives. With Facebook Horizon, the company is shaping the future of virtual reality.

Event cancellations because of the Coronavirus – how Virtual Reality can...

Due to the coronavirus many events are currently being cancelled. Virtual Reality offers a possibility to virtualize the content of the event.

Google Chrome 81 brings Augmented Reality to the browser

To make augmented reality and virtual reality more tangible, Chrome 81 brings immersive media directly into the Internet browser via WebXR.