Facebook has been working on the future of social media for several years now. Be it the purchase of Oculus or the work on projects like Facebook Horizon – the social media giant sees some potential in augmented reality and virtual reality for the future of their business. According to the latest information, they are taking this very seriously and have more than 10,000 employees working on AR and VR projects.

According to media reports based on survey of Facebook’s internal organizational structures, Facebook’s Reality Labs make up almost 20% of the complete workforce. Compared to 2017, where it was less than five percent, an incredible increase in professional capacity.


“I think it really makes sense for us to invest deeply to help shape what I think is going to be the next major computing platform, this combination of augmented and virtual reality, to make sure that it develops in this way that is fundamentally about people being present with each other and coming together.” – Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Facebook


With work on new experience platforms, hardware and patents, one quickly understands the buoyancy that can be seen at Facebook. Zuckerberg, he continued in an interview with The Information, wants to continue to dramatically lower the cost of entry for the headsets and get more people excited about the technology.


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