Facebook’s corporate vision goes well into the year 2030. According to the latest news, the company is working on a new innovation that will make classic hardware such as the computer mouse or keyboard obsolete. Facebook’s research labs, which are also responsible for developing the virtual reality and augmented reality components, unveiled the company’s 10-year vision for the future of human-computer interaction in this. Photos of a previously unknown device went viral on Twitter and other channels, showing a wearable that you strap to your wrist.


Facebook Wristband for AR (Source: Facebook)


The object, which somewhat resembles an iPod, is an electromyography device that converts electrical nerve signals into digital commands. So when the user wears it on their wrist and flicks their finger, that movement is transmitted directly into virtual space. Whether using a VR headset or in the real world, this makes commands to the computer more intuitive and dynamic. The wearable, which currently has no name, can also be trained to interpret actions even better or even measure the smallest movements when the hand is lying there quietly.

Facebook proclaims that the new device will do as much computational work as possible on the wearable so that information doesn’t have to be passed to the cloud. This is an important note especially with the social media giant’s privacy past in mind.

Even though it is currently still a prototype, the new Facebook wearable may revolutionize the IT landscape and enable entirely new possibilities for human-computer interaction.


Post Picuture: Facebook


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