At this year’s CES, Samsung unveiled a robot butler that could have come straight out of a science fiction movie. Despite the virtual limitations of this year’s show, it still impresses with some interesting developments and innovations.

Samsung’s first-ever personal robots: Bot Care and Bot Handy (Source: CNET Highlights)


Included is the so-called Bot cell phone robot from Samsung, which, thanks to sophisticated artificial intelligence, can recognize a wide variety of objects and use them with its flexible gripper arm. Since the gripper arms can apply a wide variety of pressure levels, depending on the nature of the object, it can be used to clean up the apartment as well as pour a glass of wine.

This precision is made possible by cameras and sensors on the robot’s head and arm. These help identify and interact with a wide variety of objects. The Bot Handy and its “brother” Bot Care are intended to serve as personal assistants in the home, recognizing and responding to users’ behavior. The Bot Care in particular has been developed as a helper for all situations in life, also notifying the user of current appointments or even serving as a display for upcoming video conferences.

All of Samsung’s robotic solutions are currently still in the development phase, but they impressively demonstrate where technology is currently heading.



Post picture: Samsung


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