Tag: Artificial Intelligence

Intel’s Neuromorphic Computing Makes AI More Human

Neuromorphic computing takes AI to a new level. With its 120 million artificial synapses, Intel's machine is not only more powerful than ever - it can also get tired.

DeepMind develops an AI that can accurately predict the weather

DeepMind's new AI makes it possible to accurately predict heavy rain. A revolution in weather forecasting and an opportunity for many sectors.

Artificial intelligence recognizes patient’s skin color from X-ray images

Sometimes artificial intelligence does do completely surprising things. In an experiment conducted by an international research team, the artificial intelligence used recognized the skin color of patients from X-ray images.

The Tesla Bot – Elon Musk announces the end of physical...

At Tesla's AI Days, Elon Musk unveiled a humanoid robot that will take over all repetitive, boring or strenuous work for humans in the future.

Nvidia reveals their CEO Jensen Huang was (in part) virtual during...

Nvidia reveals that their CEO Jensen Huang was (in part) virtual during his GTC keynote, proving the power of their product.