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AI and Open Innovation: Redefining the Art of the Possible in the Technology Frontier

Open Innovation, invites a symbiotic relationship in which the sharing of knowledge and resources forms the breeding ground for ground-breaking innovations. At the centre of this paradigm shift is a technology that promises nothing less than a revolution in the way we think, create and ultimately innovate: artificial intelligence, especially in its generative form.

A step into the future: Sora in Hollywood

The film industry, renowned for its glittering events and pursuit of the next big innovation, may be on the cusp of one of its most significant transformations yet. At the forefront of this change is OpenAI with its groundbreaking text-to-video generator, Sora, which has the potential to fundamentally alter the way movies are produced.

Inside OpenAI and the Development of ChatGPT-5

In the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence, OpenAI stands once again in the spotlight, offering a rare glimpse into the driving mechanisms behind the next generation of AI technology with the announcement of new details surrounding the development of ChatGPT-5.

The Renaissance of Change: Navigating the Age of Generative AI

In an era where the new becomes the old in the blink of an eye, the world of business is facing an unprecedented challenge. The ability of a company not only to master this change, but also to shape it as a pioneer, will determine its place in the future.

Company Watch: Figure AI – The revolution in humanoid robotics

In the rapidly evolving technological landscape, a new chapter is being written with the amalgamation of Artificial Intelligence and robotics. At the forefront of this revolution stands the American startup, Figure AI, armed with a vision to complement human labor with advanced humanoid robots.

Google sets new standards in AI development with Gemini

In a strategic move, Google has reorganized its AI offerings under the brand name Gemini, replacing its previous chatbot Bard with the more advanced language model Gemini. This repositioning highlights Google's determination to maintain a leading role in the global AI race, particularly against competitors like Microsoft.

Revolution on the horizon: How Brilliant Labs combines AR and AI with frame smart glasses

Augmented reality, artificial intelligence, frame, Brilliant Labs, Noa, technology, innovation, smart glasses, digital assistant, future

How to plan KPIs for your generative AI project

In the world of generative artificial intelligence, the right Key Performance Indicators play a crucial role in the success of businesses. Selecting suitable KPIs requires a careful consideration of specific goals and requirements.

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