Tag: Artificial Intelligence

AI service Deep Nostalgia brings photos to life

With Deep Nostalgia, My Hertiage breathes new life into photos and paintings using artificial intelligence.

Go Explore – Artificial intelligence achieves new records in the hardest...

The new AI system Go Explore beats the most difficult Atari games to record levels. A breakthrough for artificial intelligence!

Koda’s robot dog recognizes the emotions of its owner

Koda's robot dog can use artificial intelligence to detect whether its owner is happy or sad and react accordingly.

Samsung Bot Handy & Bot Care – the robot butler for...

The robot butlers Bot Handy and Bot Care from Samsung not only do your laundry, but also support you in everyday life.

DALL-E is OpenAI’s revolutionary Image-AI

The new Image-AI DALL-E from OpenAI is in no way inferior to its text generator GPT-3 and independently creates completely image motifs from texts.