Tag: Artificial Intelligence

Company Watch – MyBuddy.ai

Learning must become more and more individual and intuitive for children. The startup MyBuddy.ai has developed an AI tutor for this purpose.

Innovation explained: Affective Computing

Affective Computing, or Emotion AI, uses artificial intelligence to help close the emotional barrier between humans and machines.

Company Watch – Soul Machines shapes the future of virtual assistants

Virtual avatars are a central tool of the future. The AI and avatars of Soul Machines breathe life into digital assistants.

Google Socratic – AI based homework assistance

Pupils, just like professionals, face a great challenge. The Google App Socratic offers AI-based support for the future of education.

IBM and Microsoft sign the Vatican’s Code of Ethics on Artificial...

On Friday the Vatican published a code of ethics on artificial intelligence, which was developed in cooperation with IBM and Microsoft.