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Company Watch: Figure AI – The revolution in humanoid robotics

In the rapidly evolving technological landscape, a new chapter is being written with the amalgamation of Artificial Intelligence and robotics. At the forefront of this revolution stands the American startup, Figure AI, armed with a vision to complement human labor with advanced humanoid robots.

Andi – The Heat Robot: Pioneering Climate Adaptation through Creativity

Through the streets of Phoenix, Arizona, "walks" a sweating robot named Andi, simulating the strain extreme temperatures put on human beings.

Uber Bots – Uber Eats relies on delivery robots on sidewalks in this pilot project

The future of food delivery? Uber is introducing a fleet of six-wheeled delivery robots to assist Uber Eats drivers.

Elon Musk presents the prototype of the humanoid robot “Optimus” at Tesla’s 2022 AI Day

At Tesla AI Day 2022, Musk unveiled the first prototype of "Optimus", which shares some sensors and also the software with its relatives on four wheels. With a price tag expected to be less than $20,000, it is expected to set completely new standards in robotics.

XIAOMI’s CyberOne beats Tesla in battle for first humanoid robot

Xiaomi presents CyberOne and takes the lead over Tesla in the race for the first humanoid robot. A look at man's future best mechanical friend.

Shopping around the clock – Deutsche Bahn and Edeka test robot commerce

Edeka and Deutsche Bahn are bringing E 24/7, the first robot store, to the Zukunftsbahnhof Renningen station, where people can shop around the clock.

Koda’s robot dog recognizes the emotions of its owner

Koda's robot dog can use artificial intelligence to detect whether its owner is happy or sad and react accordingly.

Samsung Bot Handy & Bot Care – the robot butler for everyday life

The robot butlers Bot Handy and Bot Care from Samsung not only do your laundry, but also support you in everyday life.

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