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Samsung brings NFTs to the TV

In 2022, Samsung will launch the first NFT TV - all including a marketplace and optimized display of digital artwork.

Samsung Bot Handy & Bot Care – the robot butler for everyday life

The robot butlers Bot Handy and Bot Care from Samsung not only do your laundry, but also support you in everyday life.

Samsung’s neon – virtual friend or mere gimmick?

At the CES 2020 in Las Vegas, Samsung presented Neon, the first avatar powered by AI. But what is behind the virtual humans?

Samsung Galaxy Fold – the first foldable smartphone

Samsung surprised us a few days ago with a new masterpiece. The Samsung Galaxy Fold was officially presented at the Galaxy Unpacked event.

Samsung creates Next-Generation Curved Gear VR Headset

A new patent application from Samsung at the US Patent Office shows the future plans of the company in the Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality area.

3 Examples in which Science Fiction became the Model for important Trends

The view into the world of tomorrow. A task that many professions have made their mission. But this is not only about futurists, futurists and innovation profilers, it is also about science fiction authors who have often been right in their visions.

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