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Samsung Bot Handy & Bot Care – the robot butler for everyday life

The robot butlers Bot Handy and Bot Care from Samsung not only do your laundry, but also support you in everyday life.

CES 2021 – is the virtual version of the technology event worth it?

Today marks the start of the Consumer Electronics Show 2021, this year purely virtual - but what does that mean for the innovations at CES 2021?

Mojo Vision develops smart contact lenses for augmented reality

The smart contact lenses of the Silicon Valley start-up Mojo Vision are designed to enable augmented reality without glasses or headset.

Samsung’s neon – virtual friend or mere gimmick?

At the CES 2020 in Las Vegas, Samsung presented Neon, the first avatar powered by AI. But what is behind the virtual humans?

NextMind sets new standards with its brain-computer interface

For many people, the brain-computer interface is the future of computer technology. NextMind has now presented a groundbreaking innovation at the CES.

Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses – a hands-free Augmented Reality experience

Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses revolutionize the Augmented Reality area with a hands-free user experience and inspire the visitors of CES 2019.

Trends 2017 – A Year of Innovation

Although many will remember the year 2016 negatively, it has laid the foundation for some impressive technology trends that will mature to perfection in 2017. From Augmented Reality to Smart Home, a...

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