Tag: AI

Intrinsic – Google’s parent company launches its own industrial robotics and...

The new startup "Instrinsic" from Google's Alphabet group is to take care of the areas of artificial intelligence and industrial robotics in the future.

On to creative shores – With Brickit you can master the...

Brickit's AI camera scans cluttered mountains of LEGO bricks and suggests unique structures.

TextStyleBrush – Facebook’s translation AI replaces the texts in the identical...

Translating texts in real time - it may not sound like a great innovation, but Facebook has created something unique with their TextStyleBrush.

Support for assembly workers using gamification and artificial intelligence

The cooperative project "Gamified AI assistance system to support the manual assembly process" (AxIoM) aims to improve cooperation between employees and artificial intelligence.

Google uses their artificial intelligence to create chips

In the area of chip creation, especially in the so-called floor plans, Google will rely on artificial intelligence in the future!