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Generative AI – the new era of journalism?

Journalism has changed dramatically in recent years, and not least through the use of artificial intelligence. Particularly exciting is the use of generative AI, which makes it possible to automatically generate texts written by humans. But what exactly is generative AI and how is it changing journalism?

Microsoft and the AI – how Bing is out of control device and Microsoft blames everyone else

Microsoft's current attempt to integrate ChatGPT into Bing shows that it is not always so easy to jump on a hype. From threats against the users to declarations of love, everything was involved - but is the company really dealing with the failure in the right way? A comment...

Teams Premium – How ChatGPT and OpenAI will revolutionize the meeting experience

As Microsoft shared in a recent blog post, the company plans to bring ChatGPT, OpenAI's AI, more into their conferences and meetings in the future. All thanks to Teams Premium.

Can artificial intelligence be an artist? – A commentary

Recently, we have been hearing more and more about artists who rely on the support of artificial intelligence (AI) to create new works. But what does this mean for art itself? Should we now rely on machines to develop creative ideas? A comment...

3 Technology trends for the year 2023

The new year has begun, and in 2023 we can once again expect a lot of new developments and innovations. Here are three trends that are likely to keep us busy in the coming months.

Technologies that began in science fiction and are now part of our everyday lives

Have you ever wondered which science fiction ideas have already become reality? From the development of the Internet to the use of robots and drones, science fiction has produced many ideas that are now part of our everyday lives. In our article, we'll take you on a journey through the world of science fiction and show you which technologies were predicted by visionaries and are now part of our lives.

Anima – Blockchain pets for AI bots

AI are supposed to make our world easier, faster and more efficient with digital tools. But one fear remains: the fear that AI will eventually have enough. The company Anima has launched the so-called Onlybots to combat this. These are intended as augmented reality companions, but not for us humans, but for the machines.

AI masters bluffing – DeepNash is one of the best Stratego players in the world

DeepMind is known for their impressive artificial intelligences. The new AI called DeepNash fits in wonderfully, as it has learned to beat almost all human players in Stratego.

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