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Amazon Monitron – Predictive Maintenance from Amazon

Data analytics are an integral part of today's business world. With Amazon's Monitron, the company is taking predictive maintenance to a whole new level.

I asked an AI about tech trends in 2022

This year my prediction for 2022 trends is a little different. This time I asked the artificial intelligence of Open-AI for their opinion and some trend predictions for the new year surprised me...

What has become of Neuralink?

What has become of Elon Musk's Neuralink? An update from The Tesla Space shows big plans for the brain-machine interface in the new year, with the human trials set to start in 2022.

Project Polyvit – Google researchers succeed in teaching an AI to...

As the Polyvit project shows artificial intelligence is becoming more and more similar to humans. This is also demonstrated by a current research area...

Our world in 2036 – futurists forecast our future

What will our future look like? Fifteen British futurists sat down together and considered what our world might look like in 2036. Everything from robotics to our eating habits is included.