Tag: AI

Company Watch – MyBuddy.ai

Learning must become more and more individual and intuitive for children. The startup MyBuddy.ai has developed an AI tutor for this purpose.

Company Watch – Soul Machines shapes the future of virtual assistants

Virtual avatars are a central tool of the future. The AI and avatars of Soul Machines breathe life into digital assistants.

Google Socratic – AI based homework assistance

Pupils, just like professionals, face a great challenge. The Google App Socratic offers AI-based support for the future of education.

IBM and Microsoft sign the Vatican’s Code of Ethics on Artificial...

On Friday the Vatican published a code of ethics on artificial intelligence, which was developed in cooperation with IBM and Microsoft.

Web Service DeepL Announces Quantum Leap in Translation Quality

The translation tool DeepL is intended to outpace the competition by using new neural networks in their artificial intelligence.