Facebook has long believed in the importance of immersive media, such as augmented reality and virtual reality. Not only entertainment, but also the future of social interaction and virtual work lies in the new media. The current COVID-19 pandemic is changing the way we work in the office and motivating Facebook to break new ground.



According to the head of the AR and VR department at Facebook, technology will determine the future of virtual working. Andrew “Boz” Bosworth recently published a video that looks at the future of work and what prototypes currently exist on Facebook.

Even though the video is not long, it gives a good insight into the vision of the social media giant. We see floating displays and unique gesture controls that allow interaction with the virtual elements.


“In the future, we could create a super-powered augmented workspace with multiple customizable screens in VR, unbounded from the limits of physical monitors. It would leverage technologies like Passthrough to create a mixed reality productivity experience that allows people to switch between real and virtual worlds at any time, improving spatial awareness while offering the flexibility we’re accustomed to with laptops and other common devices.”


The video shows the so called Passthrough of Oculus, where the headsets use cameras at the Oculus Rift to merge reality with the virtual world. In this way virtual objects can be placed in space and it is possible to interact with them.

The demo shows a fusion of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and is intended to demonstrate the potential that lies in this technology. Mixed Reality, according to Facebook, is the future of our media world and will lead to a seamless fusion of virtual and real in the coming years.



Post Picture: Facebook


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