The future of mobility is in the air. At least that is the trend predictions of futurists, mobility experts and mobility giants. But who are there on the market and what share do they have in the current developments in the areas of flying taxi or flying car? A look at some of the most important and unusual providers on the market.


DeLorean DR-7 brings science fiction to reality

DeLorean Aerospace's Flying Car

DeLorean Aerospace’s Flying Car (Source: UPHIGH Productions)


When you hear the name DeLorean, you not only think of Back to the Future, but also automatically of flying cars. The time machine from the cult film was able to take off from the second film. Now they want to turn science fiction into reality and develop a flying car themselves. With their project, they themselves are taking a leap into the past and merging the hype about Doc Brown and Back to the Future with innovation.


Joby Aviation and their spacious air taxi

Joby Aviation | The new Air taxi

Joby Aviation | The new Air taxi (Source: GIGadgets)


Fuelled by Toyota and Intel financing, Joby Aviation is working on the future of mobility. The company wants to develop its own air taxi and thus bring an efficient and purely electric vehicle to the market. The special feature of this car is that, unlike the other prototypes, it has five seats and thus offers a possibility for the whole family.




UBERAIR: Closer than you think | Uber

UBERAIR: Closer than you think (Source: Uber)


Uber has already turned the mobility market upside down, now they want to repeat this action in the field of air taxis. For this reason they are currently developing their own flying car, the UBERAIR-VTOL-taxis. The company has been developing the flying car since 2016.


Airbus Vahana

Vahana’s final test flight

Vahana’s final test flight (Source: Airbus)


Airbus is probably the most famous player in the flying car market. With Vahana, they are launching a vehicle that is supposed to function autonomously, thus making handling much easier for the passengers.


It will be a while before the flying car really enters our society. But developments show how many companies from a wide range of sectors are working in this field and creating the future of mobility.



Post picture: Airbus


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