The training of employees in Virtual Reality is becoming increasingly popular. By immersing oneself in a virtual world, a wide variety of scenarios can be trained under realistic conditions. The company Talespin LLC has developed so-called “Virtual Human” for this purpose, which is intended to train employees in social or interpersonal skills such as communication, leadership and conflict resolution.

Talespin's Virtual Human Technology

Virtual Human of Talespin (Source: Talespin)


With the help of avatars, employees are given a heightened feeling of realism, which extremely supports the learning process. Talespin’s technology confronts learners with human emotions and teaches them how to deal better with difficult situations.


“Improved workplace communication and empathy are the most critical factors we’ve identified as we help organizations think about the future of work,” Kyle Jackson, Co-founder and chief executive of Talespin.


For example, a company demo puts the user in the role of a personnel manager who has to dismiss an employee. Barry, a virtual avatar equipped with artificial intelligence and convincing human traits, reacts very differently to the message of his dismissal, depending on how the user talks to him. From anger and protests to emotional breakdown, learners have to deal with a variety of situations to optimize their interpersonal skills.

Talespin’s Virtual Human comes with three levels of complexity: social intelligence, emotional intelligence and artificial intelligence. In its other scenarios, too, the company wants to help employees find their way in difficult situations and avoid costly mistakes by preparing them adequately. Training in Virtual Reality is a relevant step into the future of employee training.



Post Picture: Talespin LLC


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