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The need for a new education in the era of synthetic reality

In the era of synthetic reality, where the boundaries between the real and the fabricated become increasingly blurred, we are faced with an unprecedented challenge: how to distinguish the genuine from the artificial. With technologies such as OpenAI's Sora creating virtual worlds indistinguishable from reality, this question becomes more pressing. It's no longer just about distinguishing between a Photoshopped image and an unaltered photograph, but about a whole new dimension of understanding reality.

A new dimension of virtual reality: how Chinese researchers can transfer smells into VR

The incorporation of scent simulations into VR systems is a relatively new area of research, expanding the multisensory immersion in virtual environments. This endeavor reflects an ambition to make VR experiences as realistic and comprehensive as possible.

School in India inspires pupils with Augmented Reality

To make teaching at home more interactive and interesting, a school in Moorkanad, India has come up with something special with the help of Augmented Reality.

Wonderscope – Fantastic Augmented Reality stories for children

With the Augmented Reality app Wonderscope, the tablet becomes the gateway to unique fairy tales. Children can learn and play immersively.

Company Watch – MyBuddy.ai

Learning must become more and more individual and intuitive for children. The startup MyBuddy.ai has developed an AI tutor for this purpose.

Virtual Human by Talespin – Employee Training in Virtual Reality

Fire employees virtually? With its Virtual Human Technology, Talespin is launching the future of employee training on the market.

Education 2030 – A journey into the future of education

At the International Scientific Conference "Bioeconomy and Rural Development" in Jelgava, Latvia I took the participants on a journey into the future.

Technology, chatbots, innovation – the future of education

What does the future of education look like? A look into the digital classroom and the key gadgets and tools in tomorrow's school.

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