Anima – Blockchain pets for AI bots

AI are supposed to make our world easier, faster and more efficient with digital tools. But one fear remains: the fear that AI will eventually have enough. Singularity and the takeover of machines are a basic fear of humans, but are we as a society really that annoying that AI will eventually just have enough? Is there a way to stop it?

The company Anima has launched what it calls Onlybots. These are meant to be augmented reality companions, but not for us humans, but for the machines.



If the New York-based company is to be believed, the Onlybots are meant to be emotional AI companions for bots. To better cope with the data they’ll be exposed to, the AI digital pets are meant to provide an emotional outlet to ward off a future AI rebellion.

“Augmented reality is the medium that truly bridges the gap between the real and the digital. So it’s only fitting that the next project built on our AR technology bridges the gap between living and artificial beings.”-Alex Herrity, co-founder of Anima

The so-called onlybots are not like cats, birds or dogs. They are created algorithmically and stored on the blockchain. When a bot accesses a website that hosts an onlybot, that bot can adopt its pet, provided it can prove it is not human.

For both owners and the general public, Onlybots can be placed in and interact with any environment. But whether this will really provide an emotional outlet for artificial intelligence or whether it’s more of an artistic experiment remains to be seen. Currently, however, it’s more likely that people are intentionally falling through the reCAPTCHAs to adopt their own bot. Not quite the inventors’ idea.


Post picture: Anima

Alexander Pinker
Alexander Pinker
Alexander Pinker is an innovation profiler, future strategist and media expert who helps companies understand the opportunities behind technologies such as artificial intelligence for the next five to ten years. He is the founder of the consulting firm "Alexander Pinker - Innovation Profiling", the innovation marketing agency "innovate! communication" and the news platform "Medialist Innovation". He is also the author of three books and a lecturer at the Technical University of Würzburg-Schweinfurt.

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