If there’s one trend you can’t get around at the moment, it’s NFTs. The digital arts, which we have already reported on more frequently, are on everyone’s lips at the moment. Whether it’s buying land for the Metaverse or finally owning your favorite memes, many a collectible can be acquired via Non-Fungible Tokens.

In the NFT game there are now so only players. For example, Disney has launched its own NFT collection of digital collectible characters for the anniversary of the streaming service Disney+. A collection of monkeys takes over the Internet and memes become worth thousands and more dollars. Following these trends, NFTs are now conquering the stock market.

Most recently, a dedicated NFT-ETF with the name NFTZ has been launched to give all investors on the exchange access to blockchain-based art. The ETF manager Defiance is already known for ETFs on other trending topics such as 5G, hydrogen or SPACs. With this new EFT, investors can now invest in the new trend. In doing so, however, they do not receive any ownership rights to the digital assets, but rather benefit from the changes in the asset, as is usual with EFTs. However, the fund includes not only NFTs, but also shares in companies that have already offered NFTs for sale themselves. These include Cloudflare and Disney, but also companies such as Playboy and Funko, among others.


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