DSGVO / GDPR und Blockchain

The GDPR and the Blockchain: End of a technology?

It has been the subject of much discussion in recent days: the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). But what does the new regulation mean for the blockchain technology?
Blockchain und Chatbots

Chatbots and the blockchain

Chatbots, language assistants and virtual butlers will fundamentally shape our everyday life in a few years. With the help of blockchain systems, however, they can work even more efficiently and transparently.
HTC Exodus

HTC Exodus – The Blockchain Smartphone

The Blockchain has the potential to change digital life as we have known it so far. With the Exodus, HTC now brings the blockchain to our smartphones.
Blockchain revolutioniert den Handel

Blockchain revolutionizes the retail industry

For many branches of industry, the blockchain technology represents a revolutionary change - and so does the retail industry. Many classic retail processes can be optimized with the help of this innovative technology. An insight into the possibilities...
Blockchain technology: why companies should care about it

Blockchain technology: why companies should care about it

In the search for a solution to the problem of ever-increasing transactions, block chain technology comes to mind. Not only is the technology currently one of the number 1 buzzwords, it also offers a ray of hope in the jungle of confusing data!