Disney continues to focus on innovation. Last Thursday, the participants of Disney’s 2022 Accelerator Program went through the press. The Mouse House is focusing on topics like artificial intelligence, augmented reality and NFTs. One partner in particular is impressive – Polygon.

Polygon is not only the only crypto participant in the new round, but also the basis of several NFT projects in recent months. It is indeed remarkable how Disney is putting a focus on the metaverse and the NFT world with this project, but it makes a lot of sense. Not only is the company working on its own Metaverse projects, but with Polygon behind them, they can even better transition their many licenses into the digital world.

One reason Polygon was likely chosen is the blockchain project’s impressive market share in the world of NFT transactions. With a firm mission to expand their immersive offerings over the next few years and prepare their own characters, Star Wars and Marvel for the virtual world the partnership makes a lot of sense.

How Disney will transition their characters into the realms of NFT, AI and augmented reality remains to be seen, but as a company that has already been impressive in the areas of robotics and virtual reality in recent years, there could be some really exciting times ahead.

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