IKEAS app can now delete your furniture and replace it with theirs

IKEA is no stranger to innovation, as the company has often proven. Even in the early days of augmented reality, they were considered a pioneer in this field. But with the update of their app, they’ve created a whole new way to fill your home with Swedish cabinets, tables and sofas – all thanks to AR and artificial intelligence.



IKEA Kreativ is the name of the new product of the furniture giant and with these they not only want to bring the furniture into our rooms, they want to help us completely redesign the rooms directly. Thanks to the new functions of the app, not only can the environment be scanned, with a few clicks all the furniture in it is simply removed and you can position one of the products from the app, both on the computer and on the mobile device, directly in the real environment.


“IKEA Kreativ gives customers the confidence, ability, and control to create functionally designed and attractive spaces in a simple, time-saving experience.”


To use the function, several photos of the room must be taken with the camera of the smartphone or tablet. These are then combined to create a panoramic image. The app now prompts the user to perform a figure-eight movement with the device in order to capture further visual data. Furniture can then be easily deleted or added in the resulting image.
For design inspiration, the company even offers dedicated showrooms that can be filtered by room type or interior style.

As nice as placing furniture via augmented reality is, and as useful as it is at Amazon, which has since integrated a similar service into its app, it’s even more impressive that IKEA is now going one step further, bringing complete freedom to online furniture shopping.


Image and Video: IKEA

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