Uber Bots – Uber Eats relies on delivery robots on sidewalks in this pilot project

Currently, qCommerce companies are floundering. After companies like Getir and Co had a huge surge in popularity during the pandemic, the market is currently changing. Now Uber presents a new solution to bring quick commerce back to life: robots. As it has now been announced, Uber is introducing a fleet of six-wheeled delivery robots, which will support the drivers of the already existing service Uber Eats. Together with Cartken, a company that produces autonomous sidewalk delivery robots, they are now launching a pilot program in Miami that will test the Uber Bot.

Uber is not alone in the battle for delivery robot supremacy; Amazon and Walmart have also already built their own fleets in the US. The results so far with the competition have been mixed, but in cooperation with Cartken, which has already had good experience using the robots on university campuses and similar previously closed-off areas, things may change.

The delivery robots, controlled by artificial intelligence, can carry about 10 kilograms and use cameras and sensors to see their surroundings. However, whether the small robots will be accepted on the sidewalks or are more likely to quickly become victims of assaults remains to be seen in the future. Also, whether customers will give priority to the Uber bots or rather miss the human drivers, with whom Uber has had so many problems in recent years.

Post image: Cartken

Alexander Pinker
Alexander Pinkerhttps://www.medialist.info
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