Mixed reality and virtual reality in the car – BMW turns their new M2 into an immersive driving experience

Can you really bring mixed reality and classic driving together? Normally, one would say that this is not a good idea, as the distraction can be enormous. But BMW has now proven in its own MR project that you can make driving an experience while sitting in a normal car.



At the Web Summit 2022 in Lisbon, the automaker showcased its M2 coupe and showed visitors how it can connect with their Mixed Reality platform. Both virtual reality and mixed reality technologies are possible here, and can either just overlay the real world with additional useful information or completely block it out and enable a completely new driving experience.

At the Web Summit, participants were able to drive the new M2 on a virtual racetrack while in reality they were just driving in an empty parking lot. The immersive experience allowed users to control the car normally, with the steering wheel, dashboard and co right in front of them in the virtual world.

The real immersion is made possible thanks to a built-in camera inside the car, which not only tracks the driver’s movements but also transmits them directly to the computer located in the trunk, so that the driver can really withdraw into the virtual world as much as possible.

Whether or not the combination of car and immersive media really has a future remains to be seen; complete immersion is probably not recommended at the moment, with driving safety in mind, but improving the built-in mixed reality technology that can project information about the route, vehicle and driver directly into the vehicle interior makes a lot of sense in many cases.


Post image and video: BMW

Alexander Pinker
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