The discussions about Apple’s own Mixed Reality headset do not stop. Rumors have been around for many months about what features to expect, but new reports from Mashable and BGR suggest that we could almost get some sort of superpowers from the new headset.

The headset, according to the articles, will allow users to make invisible things visible. For example, it should be possible to see Wi-Fi signals, gas leaks or sound waves with Apple’s headset.

The possibilities are, of course, limitless. For example, musicians could tune their instruments more easily than ever if they can see the sound. Disasters caused by gas leaks can be prevented at an early stage, and visible heat trends could also detect and contain sources of fire at an early stage. It sounds like superpowers are about to enter our society – all thanks to a headset.

Apple headsets are rumored to be equipped with infrared sensors, according to current rumors. The information will eventually be transmitted into the user’s field of vision as a virtual overlay to make visible to him what was previously invisible to the naked eye.

We will probably find out what is true about the reports next year, because according to current plans, we can expect Apple’s headset in 2023 at the earliest.

What do you think of the expansion of human senses through Mixed Reality? Are the immersive superpowers a curse or a blessing? Write it in the comments.


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