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Apple is Developing an Augmented Reality Windshield for Autonomous Vehicles

Last week, the US Patent & Trademark Office released a patent application from Apple that goes beyond the known CarPlay instrument cluster system. It's a novel augmented reality display for vehicles, projecting information directly onto the windshield or other windows within the vehicle. It might sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, but it could soon be a reality.

Apple Vision Pro: Apple Launches Specialized Vision Products Group

Apple has recently made a foray into a brand-new product category with the Apple Vision Pro headset. This represents a deviation from the company's traditional product approach, as Mark Gurman reported in his latest Power On newsletter. To streamline the management of Vision Pro and other segments of the ecosystem, Apple has formulated a dedicated division.

Vision Pro: Apple’s groundbreaking step into the future of spatial computing

With the introduction of their latest innovation, the Vision Pro, Apple steps into the burgeoning market of high-tech glasses. This impressive piece of tech, which boasts a hefty price tag of $3500, aims to open the gateway to a new era of "spatial computing". In this era, digital data merges with our physical surroundings in unprecedented ways, unlocking a wide spectrum of potentialities.

The renaissance of the iPod: Apple’s new patent and the longing for simple music technology

The iPod was an icon in the world of consumer electronics and changed the way we listen to and enjoy music. And now it seems that Apple may be trying to reinvent the concept of the iPod.

Apple and Disney are talking about a collaboration for the new headset – a forecast of what this partnership could bring

Apple and Disney are currently, according to rumors, in talks to enter into a partnership for Apple's immersive headset. If this were to succeed, we could soon see the future of entertainment. So let's start a thought experiment.

MR Superpowers – Apple’s mixed reality headset lets us see sound, Wi-Fi signals and gas leaks

According to recent reports, Apple's headset will literally give us superpowers. The mixed reality device is said to make sound waves, Wi-Fi signals and even gas leaks visible.

RealityOS – Will Apple present their long-awaited VR headset on June 06.

On June 6, Apple will hold its Worldwide Developers Conference - but what can we expect this year? According to rumors, the trademark application of RealityOS could finally mean the long-awaited Apple VR headset.

These companies build the Metaverse

The metaverse is increasingly becoming the focus of a wide variety of industries. But which companies are currently leading the way in creating the virtual world and what assets do they bring to the table? A brief insight...

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