We have already discussed here whether the car is the entertainment center of the future. But apart from a few concepts, there have been few practical solutions that show where the journey is headed. This has now changed, as today Chinese car manufacturer NIO announced that its new augmented reality glasses, which it developed together with startup Nreal, will bring a whole new 3D experience to cars.

Wearing the glasses in the car will provide a true cinematic experience for passengers. In doing so, the system will offer them a 130-inch HD large screen with 256-color ambient lighting and Dolby Atmos. The NIO Air AR glasses, as the company’s new product is called, are available for pre-sale in limited quantities from the company’s online store starting today.

The promised quality is only made possible by the collaboration with Nreal, who are known for innovative AR devices and have created a binocular display that enables the comprehensive sensory experience. In this regard, car manufacturer NIO is convinced that the glasses can provide users with a unique experience while driving, as they were created specifically for the cockpit of cars. However, the new glasses will not only provide entertainment, cockpit functions in the car can also be controlled using the glasses and the company’s voice recognition.

Currently, NIO offers users nearly 200 3D movies and over 260 Dolby Atmos movies to watch on their glasses. In pre-sale, the NIO Air AR glasses cost the equivalent of $331 and will ship in mid-to-late September.


Post image: NIO


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