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Car manufacturer NIO brings augmented reality entertainment to driver cockpit

Today, Chinese automaker NIO announced that its new augmented reality glasses, which it developed in partnership with startup Nreal, will bring a whole new 3D experience to cars.

Metamobility from Hyundai Motor – walking on Mars in the Metaverse

Hyundai Motor combines metaverse and mobility in Metamobility. The company explained how this will work at CES 2022.

Aptera – An electric car that never needs charging?

Aptera Motors introduces the first electric car with solar cells, which, according to them, never needs to be charged.

Virtual Product Design – Ford develops cars in Virtual Reality

Despite the spatial distance, the designers at Ford were creative. They are now developing the cars of the future via virtual reality.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in the Automotive Industry

Immersive media, such as augmented reality and virtual reality, will fundamentally change the automotive industry and are already beginning to redefine the customer and employee experience.

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