Minecraft, as most players know, is an extremely complex game. From great architectural feats to gaming experience, it has it all. But is Minecraft just for the creative human minds, or is it also for artificial intelligence?

With the help of 70,000 hours of video footage, an AI has now taught itself how to play the game and shows impressive. But let’s take a few steps back. Why AI and Minecraft, anyway?

OpenAI, probably better known for DALL-E and GPT-3, wanted to test their video training algorithm and decided to teach their artificial intelligence the game principle of the gaming hit. For this purpose, various players were contacted and asked to record their game.

After the analysis, the algorithm then interacted with the game by recognizing the individual situations in the gameplay and then began to imitate the new learned skills of the human players. Thanks to this learning, the artificial intelligence is now able to cut down trees, make boards, hunt and much more. However, this is just the beginning, as the AI continues to learn and optimize itself.

Of course, the dataset had to be adjusted accordingly. A normal YouTube video would not have been rich enough in information for the training. Therefore, the key and mouse movements also had to be recorded.

The videos that the AI watched were not ordinary YouTube videos. They are not informative enough for the purpose of being a tutorial, plus you rarely see the key and mouse movements in them.

However, OpenAI proclaims that this is just the beginning. With these new achievements in video analysis, they now want to teach their AI how to use a computer in general, bringing it even closer to humans.


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