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The future of gaming: Nvidia’s visionary step towards AI-driven dialogs

Imagine a world where you don't just click dialogue options in video games, but can actually talk to characters. Sound like science fiction? Nvidia wants to usher in that future right now.

70,000 hours of video footage – how OpenAI’s AI learned to play Minecraft

Using 70,000 hours of video footage, an AI has now taught itself how to play Minecraft and is showing impressive. The next step, OpenAI says, is to teach it how to use a computer in general.

Play-to-Earn – NFT and Blockchain as the Future of Gaming.

The play-to-earn principle could represent the future of gaming. Using NFT technology and blockchain, a new way of making money digitally is being created.

Company Watch: Deepdub revolutionizes the dubbing of movies, series and games

Deepdub makes the original voices of actors and speakers available in other languages in seconds using artificial intelligence.

What we can learn from the gaming industry when it comes to customer loyalty

The gaming industry has fascinated people for decades. For their innovations, companies can learn a lot from them in terms of customer loyalty.

Go Explore – Artificial intelligence achieves new records in the hardest Atari games

The new AI system Go Explore beats the most difficult Atari games to record levels. A breakthrough for artificial intelligence!

AI Gaming with Muzero – Artificial Intelligence beats Atari games

Google's gaming AI Muzero beats Atari games on its own - is this the future of artificial intelligence.

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