Anticipating crimes before they happen? This sounds a lot like the movie “Minority Report,” but the U.S. Department of Defense is already experimenting, according to a detailed report from Future Zone, on an AI application that is supposed to see into the future.

The Pentagon’s goal is to use AI systems, sensors and cloud computing to see enemy actions in advance and to be able to react to them before they are actually carried out. What sounds like science fiction has in fact already reached the test phase.

By using sensor networks, AI and cloud, the Pentagon wants to optimize decision-making and literally see into the future with Project GIDE (Global Information Dominance Experiment). Based on the analysis of patterns, anomalies and trends, to forecast the next days and prepare accordingly.

If the analysis of all the data from sensors and the cloud continues to work well, this opens up many opportunities beyond military use. Whether it’s in the financial world or for self-driving cars. The GIDE program could mean a quantum leap in the interpretability of artificial intelligence, which, sooner or later, could also be transferred to our everyday lives – as has so often been the case with developments from the military sector.

What do you think of such a system? Should we try to foresee the future in the field of crime and military to prevent the worst or is this going too far? I am interested in your opinion.



Post picture: 20th Century Studios


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