How do you promote a new, innovative technology? That usually works best by showing what it is capable of. That’s exactly what Nvidia has now done in their GTC keynote. CEO Jensen Huang’s compelling presentation now turned out to be an animation. While the mastermind talked about the new products, possibilities and highlights in his kitchen and called the audience da Vincis of our time, it now turned out that at least one part of the presentation was not real.

Graphics processor company Nvidia is currently known for its 3080 graphics processors, which promise unique possibilities in computer animation. But even though the hype is great, the promise must first be lived up to. In a blog post, Jensen Huang has now revealed that at least part of the April presentation was given not by him personally, but by a virtual copy. Even the kitchen, which has been seen in countless other videos since the beginning of the pandemic, was not real this time, but an identical and convincing replica.

This surprising product presentation required not only vast amounts of cameras, 3D models and computing power, but also a proprietary AI trained on the CEO’s gestures and facial expressions. However, it is precisely the fact that part of the presentation was real and part virtual that makes it so impressive. The difference wasn’t noticeable and that’s exactly what shows how far Nvidia’s technology has come by now.



Post picture: Nvidia


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